Make an Impact with a Celebrity Smile

Dwayne Johnson After His Dental Implant Procedure

How do so many celebrities have perfect smiles? By using dental implants and veneers is how! These two dental devices can upgrade a smile from good to great in a single appointment. So what are dental implants and veneers? Dental implants are used commonly to replace damaged or decayed teeth. The crown placed on top is made to match the color of your other surrounding teeth. Dental Veneers are a thin layer of tooth-colored material, usually porcelain, placed over your existing teeth to make your smile look uniform and smooth.


Celebrities with Veneers

Zac Efron, first made popular by the hit movie series High School Musical (2006-2008), had veneers set on not long after he started his acting career. He had large gaps between his teeth that would have taken years to fix using other devices such as braces. So, he took the quick option of having dental veneers put in place and has never looked back since.

Another actress who has dental veneers is Emma Roberts. With many appearances from Nancy Drew (2007) to Nerve (2016), Roberts has left a huge impression on the movie world with her beautiful smile! When she was a kid, her teeth came in crooked and unaligned. Like Efron, she opted to have veneers placed.

Morgan Freeman has long been an amazing actor. He has been in countless movies and movie series from The Dark Knight Trilogy (2005-2012) to older movies such as Glory (1989). Up until recently though, his smile was not as glamorous. He decided to get dental veneers and now he is one of the most recognizable faces across all of Hollywood!

Celebrities with Dental Implants

Miley Cyrus, known from the hit television show Hannah Montana (2006-2011) as well as from her music career has had many dental implants placed throughout her young adult life. With many of her teeth grown out of place, many had to be removed and made way for her amazing dental implants.

Famous comedian Chris Rock also has dental implants. After years of performance, his teeth began to wear out and so he opted for the strong long-lasting option of getting dental implants to make his smile last for years to come!

Former Pro Football player Jerry Rice had dental implants put in during his career in the NFL. He often would end up with chipped teeth because of his hard play style. Because of this, he ended up needing tooth replacements, and what better way to replace them than with dental implants!


Want to Smile like a Celebrity?

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