Removable Dentures: Worth The Price Or Just A Fad?

Ball Retained Removable Dentures

Missing teeth are a common occurrence. More and more Americans are not making it through their whole life with their original sets of teeth. This is due to a variety of factors, but one thing is clear, we need teeth. There are plenty of options for replacing missing teeth but knowing which one is right for you can sometimes be a tricky option. A growing number of people in the Largo, Florida area have been looking to removable dentures as an option to replace their missing teeth as a cheaper alternative to full arch dental implants. But would removable dentures be best for you?


What Removable Dentures May Offer You

Partial removable dentures, simply known as removable dentures, are a form of dental implant where only certain teeth and regions of the mouth are replaced. As the name implies, these dentures are removable, being supported using the remaining healthy teeth or other dental implants. This is different from normal dentures which use adhesive to stick to your soft tissue to avoid shifting around.

Removal dentures come in a variety of materials to allow for patients to choose what works best for them. One option is cast metal partial dentures which is a metal alloy-based form attaching to teeth using the metal base. This is one of the most noticeable partial implants due to the way the metal base is formed. Another option is acrylic flippers which are made from a pink-colored material that rests on the soft tissue of the mouth. These are especially good for people who have advancing periodontal, or gum disease, issues. Flexible dentures are the final option which are made from a soft nylon material. These hold to the teeth directly and have the most natural look.

What this allows for is a more cost-effective way to have functional and natural looking teeth. Full arch dental implants are expensive, usually costing over ten thousand dollars! Removable dentures never tend to cost more than half that price depending on the individual case. Some people may even opt to have both dental implants and removable dentures. This improves the overall stability of the removable dentures by having strong and supported implant structures whilst saving on cost by opting for some teeth to be replaced using dentures.


Want Removable Dentures?

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