Is Your Smile Gum-Centric? Crown Lengthening Can Help!

Dental Patient With A Gummy Smile

For the most part, everyone loves a beautiful, healthy smile. However, if your teeth are being overly covered by your gums, you may benefit from a treatment procedure known as crown lengthening. A dentist in Clearwater, FL can assess your teeth and gums to see if this procedure would be best for you and your smile!


About the procedure

Crowns are the caps on the top of your natural tooth that defines its shape. If you are interested in getting cosmetic dental procedures such as bridges or implants, a certain amount of tooth surface must be exposed or available. This may be a reason why this procedure may be beneficial for individuals that have gums that are excessively covering teeth, also known as a gummy smile. A common sign of a gummy smile includes “short” looking teeth. While this may or may not be related to genetics, having a gummy smile can be treated and cured by the crown lengthening procedure should there be a desire or want to do so. The crown lengthening procedure removes gum tissue, bone, or both, if necessary, to reveal more surface area of a tooth. Some reasons for reduced tooth surface area that may cause a need for tooth exposure can include:

  • Broken or cracked tooth at the gumline
  • Gumline extends too far along the tooth for it to receive cosmetic or restorative treatment
  • Weak tooth structure that is not viable for restoration
  • Crown or filling has fallen off or decay is present beneath it

Typically done by a periodontist, or gum specialist, the crown lengthening procedure usually begins with a review of your medical history and an X-ray of your teeth and gums. A dental specialist in Clearwater, FL may even suggest a teeth cleaning appointment before the procedure is done, to decrease risks of infection caused by bacteria or plaque. You may even receive a temporary crown on your tooth as a protection mechanism prior to the procedure. This allows the dental specialist to see how well the crown will fit on your tooth once the lengthening procedure has been completed. Your dental specialist will choose the best type of lengthening procedure, including a gingivectomy, surgical extrusion, and apically repositioned flap surgery, based on your individual needs.


The Options We Offer!

Dr Keith Hutchinson and the team of dental experts at Florida Dental Centers in Clearwater, FL offer fantastic procedures that address periodontal issues, including the crown lengthening procedure. The team also offers a range of treatment in periodontic dentistry, including:


If you are experiencing short teeth or a gummy smile caused by teeth being overly covered by gums, the crown lengthening procedure may be for you. Be sure to reach out to Keith Hutchinson, D.M.D. and team at our office in Clearwater, FL today to get started and schedule a consultation!



Crown Lengthening.

Crown Lengthening.