Is Professional Teeth Whitening Worth The Cost?

Dental Patient Smiling After His Tooth Whitening Procedure

Having bright, clean, white-colored teeth is a great sign of dental hygiene and beauty. But many of our teeth slowly lose their white glow as we age due to a number of factors. Diet, stress, smoking, age, and many other factors can slowly degrade the coloring. Many turn to teeth whitening products to show off their smile in confidence. But there is a huge difference between professional whitening in Clearwater, Florida and over-the-counter whitening products.


Over-The-Counter vs. Professional Whitening

Over-the-counter options are great if you fit the narrow minority of people who they are trying to help. Over-the-counter whitening products use a one size fits all approach to teeth whitening. The problem though is all teeth are different which makes this approach super effective for the few and unhelpful for the many. Generally speaking, an over-the-counter whitener will help the majority of people but will take a much longer time than any other product, sometimes taking over a year to see minimal results!

Professional whitening options are much more effective as the approach can be tailored depending on your teeth. These custom approaches allow for a much quicker turnaround of starting time and fantastic results. Since these treatments are also handled by professionals, many of the risks such as damaging gums or teeth enamel can easily be avoided. Professional treatments are also much longer-lasting than anything over-the-counter.

The Cost of Whitening

Despite knowing this, many people still opt for over-the-counter whiteners rather than professionals. The cost difference is fairly large with over-the-counter ranging between $15-$60 typically and professional costing anywhere from $250-$500 in some cases.

This decision is made without considering the length mentioned above though. If you are trying to whiten your teeth and it takes 6 months, 12 months, 2 years even to start getting the results you want, those over-the-counter options start adding up quickly. Because professional treatments are much longer-lasting, the initial cost is worth the results. Not only will the professional treatment save time to get that pearly white finish, but they will also cost less in the long run as whitening treatments are less frequent and further between.


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