Can I Go To A Dentist For An Oral Cancer Screening?

Cancer Cell Graphic

Cancer in any form can be absolutely terrifying. That’s why making sure you see the correct specialist will help tremendously with the process. The short answer is yes, you can see a dentist for oral cancer screening in Largo, FL. But what are some common signs of oral cancer? Here at Florida Dental Centers, we strive to provide accurate information to all who visit us. Here are some of the basics about oral cancer.


What To Look For

Oral cancer may take on a few different forms depending on the region of the mouth it is affecting. If you have a lip sore that does not seem to go away, that could be a sign of one form of oral cancer. Another type is a white or reddish patch inside your mouth. Some other common symptoms of oral cancer are loose teeth, mouth and ear pain, difficulty or pain when swallowing, and sharp pain while chewing.

Now, some of these symptoms could be from a number of other conditions such as a severe case of gum disease. But, if these symptoms are persisting, you should definitely visit a dentist. Why? Well, no matter what condition it may be, these conditions are serious and could lead to life-threatening, or potentially fatal, outcomes if left untreated.

The risk factors for oral cancer are the same for many other types of cancer. The most common risk factors for developing oral cancer are smoking, heavy alcohol use, excessive sun exposure, sexually transmitted diseases, and a weakened immune system. Whilst cancer continues to be studied for further causes and new cures, there are ways to help prevent cancer that help with both general oral health and good overall health.


Preventing Oral Cancer

Of course, some of these are directed towards the common risk factors. Stopping the use of controlled substances like alcohol and tobacco will greatly reduce your risk factor of developing oral cancer. Avoiding direct sun exposure to your lips is also a great way to reduce your chances of cancer.

But the number one way to prevent oral cancer is by visiting your dentist. Here in our office in Largo, FL, we have worked with hundreds of patients to help treat them with their oral cancer. Dr. Keith Hutchinson has decades of experience in supporting patients with oral cancer with many success stories of those he has managed to help through to recovery.

If you or a loved one is struggling with oral cancer, the best thing to do is to visit a dentist. So why not visit a dentist with a proven track record in helping oral cancer patients? Consider calling us at (727) 507-9090 to get in touch with our staff to help schedule you an appointment. The sooner you call, the sooner we can help protect you from this fatal disease.