Are Partial Dentures For A Few Teeth Possible?

Partial Denture Sitting On A Doctor's Hand

Single dental implants can be too expensive for some. Even with excellent financing options and repayment plans, it can be a scary commitment to put down so much for such a small device. Fortunately, there are alternatives that are more cost-effective and still produce a similar result; partial dentures. Unlike full-arch dentures, partial dentures in Clearwater, FL are able to cover a few areas of missing teeth whilst keeping your healthy teeth intact.

But how do partial dentures work? What are some of the benefits and risks of using them?


What Are Partial Dentures?

Partial dentures are a great and effective way to replace missing teeth. They can replace a number of missing teeth or just a few depending on what you are in need of. We offer both metal and resin-based partial dentures.

How they work is a bit different from other denture options. Traditional full-arch dentures use adhesive to hold to the gum line to provide the needed support. This is different with partial dentures which traditionally use metal clasps and rely on the surrounding healthy tooth structures to support them and keep them in place, much like our root structures do in healthy teeth. Resin and flexible partial denture options rely on other teeth and adhesives.

It is worth noting that you should discuss with your doctor allergies to metal, resin, nylon, or plastic before considering different options. Partial dentures can be made out of metal or resin or even plastics and keeping you from having further health complications is a major goal with partial dentures, not to cause more.

How Long Will They Last?

In many cases, partial dentures are not considered to be a permanent option. This is because many people who require dentures are in need because of decay or damage caused to a region of the mouth with only one or a few teeth falling out thus far. This is a great option to monitor the continued progression of the affected area.

Many doctors will recommend considering dental implants over partial dentures because they last much longer. With partial dentures, there is always a risk of damage when taking the device out and sliding it back into place. This worry is eased with dental implants. That being said, partial dentures are still a solid option that is reliable in the majority of cases for providing functionality and aesthetics the patient is looking for at a lower price compared to single dental implants.


Discuss Your Options

If you want to discuss your options with a professional with decades of experience, look no further than Dr. Keith Hutchinson. Having worked on scores of patients, Dr. Hutchinson has seen pretty much every possible scenario of disease and has worked to provide the care desired and needed by each patient.

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