Do I Really Need To Replace My Missing Teeth?

Dental Patient Covering Her Mouth

Missing teeth may be annoying, but do you really need your natural teeth? Well, yes. Each of our teeth are super important for the health of our whole mouth. Here at Florida Dental Centers, we have decades of experience with those who have missing teeth! Here is our normal reply as to why missing teeth are bad for your oral health:


A Weaker Jawbone

With a missing tooth root, our overall jaw health weakens. This is because tooth structures support the jaw just as much as our jaw supports teeth structures. Without one tooth, the jawbone structure begins to thin and weaken which could lead to other teeth falling out, pain while chewing, or even fracturing of the jawbone in extreme cases.

A weakened and thinning jawbone can also cause other conditions to arise such as Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, or TMJD. This joint connects your jawbone to the rest of your head and can cause bruxism, tinnitus, serious pain, and other symptoms all from overcompensation caused by one missing tooth.

Reduced Chewing and Aesthetic Quality

Outside of jaw-related chewing issues, missing a tooth can impact how and what you eat. Not having one tooth can make chewing hard, gummy, fat meats, and many other chewier foods difficult to break down enough for digestion. Plus, depending on the nature of the missing tooth, the area where the tooth was could become infected if not treated carefully.

Beyond these serious health risks, the aesthetic of the teeth line is also impacted by missing teeth. No one likes missing teeth. This can have an impact on our internal self-critic and lower our self-esteem. Missing a tooth can also cause surrounding teeth to decay creating a problem that continues to get worse which can be truly demoralizing.


There Is A Solution… Dental Implants!

With many negatives for having missing teeth, the best option available for fixing this is to replace the missing tooth. The best replacement for a tooth is a dental implant! Why? Dental implants imitate the root structure which makes jaw decay significantly less likely to occur. The strength of dental implants makes them act like normal tooth structures which allow for normal use not long after placement. Plus, dental implants are made to match the surrounding teeth’ color so they will match your aesthetic. No one will know you have one!

If you are looking for the best dental implants in Largo, Florida, Florida Dental Centers is a must-go destination! With all our doctors trained to expertly handle many varied cases of missing teeth, we are in a great place to replace the tooth and have the lowest risk of dental implant failure. But don’t just take our word for it, look at our recent patient testimonies for evidence of our work. Or, if you call and make an appointment at our office in Largo, FL or any other location across the Tampa Bay Area, we can show you some visual examples from satisfied past clients. Do not wait for issues to arise, call us today to get your new smile!