Your Dental Implant Options In St. Petersburg, FL!

Dental Patient Holding Up A Dental Implant Model

Trying to figure out the cost of dental implants for you? Not to worry, Florida Dental Centers is here to share about our high-quality low-cost dental implants in St. Petersberg, FL. Getting to this point of consideration is a monumental milestone in your journey to better oral health. Here are the options and costs you can expect from us in St. Petersberg, Florida!


Single Dental Implants in St. Petersburg, FL

Single dental implants can replace a broken, decayed, or missing tooth. How they work is by setting a post into your jaw. The post is usually made out of a metal such as titanium. From this point, a crown can be fashioned on top of the post. This crown is made of a material such as porcelain to match the color of your surrounding teeth.

The cost of a single dental implant can cost anywhere between several hundred to several thousand dollars depending on the materials used and the complexity of the procedure. Florida Dental Centers offers a clear-cut pricing option for everyone though. The cost of the implant itself and the consultations leading up to the procedure as well as the procedure costs $3,897 dollars.

Implant-Supported Dentures in St. Petersburg, FL

Implant-supported dentures are dentures that are anchored in place using posts like those used in dental implants. These can replace a whole arch of teeth or even just a partial replacement. This method for denture replacements allows for the dentures to remain situated which helps avoid the gum irritation caused by traditional dentures slipping in and out of place.

The cost of implant-supported dentures has numbered anywhere between six and ten thousand by others in our field. We are happy to announce our low cost for the consultation, making of the dentures, and 2 implants can typically land around $6,299 dollars, a low price for the high-quality dentures we are able to produce!


With Low-Costs and High-Quality, Why Wait?

Florida Dental Centers of St. Petersburg has strived to provide the highest quality service and make it affordable to everyone. That is why we are transparent about our pricing and work with many insurance companies to make the burnt of the cost come out of their pocket rather than yours.

Your oral health is super important. That is why our trusted, award-winning doctors are sure to make your visit a good one. If you or a loved one are in need of an implant, consider Florida Dental Centers of St. Petersburg and call us at (727) 525-8770. Not near St. Petersburg? Not to worry! We have plenty of facilities across the Tampa Bay metropolitan region that may be closer for you to get to.

Stop waiting and start saving with Florida Dental Centers today!