Are You Looking For Affordable Dentures In St Petersburg, FL?

Dental Patient Smiling With Her Tooth Restorations

Need reliable and affordable dentures? You are in luck! Here at Florida Dental Centers, every one of our offices has a dentures lab to help create dentures for you quickly. We offer two different kinds of dentures to meet the prices you are seeking. This is how we cut costs while offering quality dentures to everyone who visits us in St. Petersburg.


Florida Dental Centers Denture Labs

In all of our locations, we have denture labs. These labs provide us the opportunity to manufacture your dentures on location which decreases the expensive shipping costs many others face. This also makes your dentures available quicker meaning less time with half measures while waiting for your dentures. By coming to us, you are able to get back to living your life in record time whilst restoring your oral health.

Affordability Of Dentures

Because of these labs, we are able to cut down on the cost of our dentures. One of our denture offerings is our standard dentures. These dentures cost around $849 per arch. This is made for the budget-minded individual and for those who are already satisfied with their current dentures. Made out of acrylic, these are less durable than our other option but do get the job done and will last a little while before needing to be replaced.

Our elite dentures offer a more durable option than our standard dentures for not much more. These dentures cost around $1149 per arch and are made out of high-quality acrylic material. They last quite a while longer than our standard dentures and can handle rougher environments (we do not recommend pushing too hard though as they are still chippable!)

Elite dentures offer a higher quality, more cosmetic, stronger, and longer warranty period than our standard dentures. They are the option we champion to those who can afford it because we know the results are more satisfying. That being said, we still take great care to make our standard dentures the highest quality as possible whilst keeping the cost lower than the elite dentures.


Get Your Dentures Today!

Whether you want to talk about dentures or are considering dental implants, we are happy to help answer any questions you have. We want to work within your unique situation to provide the best treatment for you.

With our large amount of highly qualified doctors at Florida Dental Centers of St. Petersburg, we are ready to answer any questions you may have about dental health treatments. We want to see you so please call us at (727) 525-8770 to schedule a consultation at our St. Petersburg office. You can also check out any of our other locations across the Tampa Bay Metropolitan area.

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