Ways Of Getting Dentures Near Me In St. Petersburg, FL!

Partial Denture In A Doctor's Hand

Looking for a new set of affordable set of dentures? Florida Dental Centers is a fantastic place for you to get a sturdy set of dentures here in St. Petersburg, Florida. We provide in-house manufacturing of dentures to help bring down costs and get you results quicker! Here is how our dentures work and how they could help you.


Denture Options at Florida Dental Centers

At Florida Dental Centers, we have denture labs at all of our locations to provide dentures in a much quicker, more reliable way than others in our field. We offer two kinds of dentures to help those looking for cheap but strong options or those looking for some that are more aesthetically pleasing.

Our standard dentures are a great option for budget-minded patients. With a cost of $849 each, these dentures are cost-effective and reliable. If you have worn dentures before with little issue, these will be an easy fit for you. Made from acrylic and denture teeth, these dentures do not have as long of a lifespan as our other option but are still strong throughout their lifetime.

Our elite denture model is of higher quality, has a greater aesthetic appeal, and is a more expensive option. Costing $1149 each, these dentures are great for those looking for something that will wow the crowd. With a longer warranty period as well, these dentures last a good several years before needing replacement.

All our dentures are made to custom fit your mouth to avoid any pesky slippage or rashes that come with slippage. We strive to ensure high quality in our dentures and make sure you are satisfied before our job is done. We offer partial dentures as well to help bridge the gap between a few teeth gaps.

We also offer emergency repairs and adjustments for those who use our dentures or got their dentures from somewhere else. These are all done the same day you visit us to ensure you get back to living your life quicker and without needing any annoying temporary options.


Affordable, Reliable, and Here in St. Petersburg, FL!

If you have been searching for a place to get your next pair of dentures, consider Florida Dental Centers for your next set! With our amazing team of specialists and a high-quality and dedicated staff, we strive to provide the best experience to everyone who visits us.

Consider contacting us today at (727) 525-8770 to schedule a consultation with one of our doctors here in St. Petersburg, FL. We have other locations throughout the entire Tampa Bay Metropolitan area as well and would be happy to see you at any of those locations as well. Consider Florida Dental Centers today for your new dentures!