My Dentures Broke! Can I Get Them Repaired?

Dental Patients Suffering From Broken Dentures

There are many reasons dentures can break. One this is for certain, broken dentures are more than an annoying small issue. They can interrupt one’s entire life! Not being able to eat, rest comfortably, smile, all these normal functions of our teeth because of broken dentures requires immediate attention. Florida Dental Centers offers denture repair and realigns to anyone who needs their dentures fixed in Pinellas Park, FL. Here are some common ways dentures break and what we can do to fix them.


Reasons Why Dentures Break

One of the biggest reasons for dentures to break is from blunt force impact. This could be from dropping them when being taken out for cleaning or being stolen and crunched on by a family pet. This could also be caused by falling and hitting your mouth. Denture strength can also be worn over time due to teeth clenching and grinding, abrasive cleaning, or the use of too hot of water when cleaning.

Whilst these are all more easily understood ways for dentures to break, a lesser well-known reason is from dentures not fitting properly when first made. If dentures are not fit properly and shift around, they could break more easily. Sometimes, even when fitted properly initially, the jaw bones will change after wearing dentures over a long period of time. This can also cause dentures to become misaligned. When dentures are not fitting properly, it is much easier for them to be broken just through the normal process of eating, chewing, and so on.


Repairs and Realigns Done Quick and Easy!

No matter whether it is broken or just not fitting properly, we offer repairs and realigns for dentures. In many cases, we are able to get you in within a day to get these repairs and realigns going. Each of our locations is equipped with a denture studio that can easily make and repair dentures. Whether you had your dentures made by us or someone else, you deserve to have functional teeth in quick time. That is why we offer these quick appointments for your denture repairs and realigns.

With a team of excellent doctors and welcoming staff, Florida Dental Centers has been serving the Tampa Bay Metropolitan area for decades. We strive to provide the highest quality repairs in the area as well as many needed dental services to help keep you smiling for years to come.

If you are searching for denture repair in the Pinellas Park, FL area, give us a call at (727) 525-8770 so we can schedule and get you in as soon as possible to get your dentures back in functioning order. You may also find one of our other locations to be closer to you. We are excited to help restore your dentures and bring a smile back to your day!

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