Are You Looking For Affordable Dentures In Pinellas Park FL?

dentures resting inside of a drinking size glass

With roughly 35 million Americans missing teeth, replacing them with dentures is a fairly common step in the lives of many. But where can you find affordable dentures in Pinellas Park, Florida?

Here at Florida Dental Centers, we strive to keep our costs low whilst still providing you with a high-quality and functional set of teeth. Here is how we keep costs low and what we bring to you with our dentures!


In-House Denture Labs Keep Costs Down

Each of our facilities in the Greater Tampa Bay Metropolitan Area hosts a denture lab, a place where we are able to design, manufacture, and fine-tune dentures. By keeping these labs inside our office, we are able to cut down on any additional shipping costs, work directly with the technicians to ensure peak performance and aesthetics, and get dentures to you faster than ever!

But what exactly are our costs for dentures? We offer a variety of dentures to meet your needs and desires. Our lowest cost dentures are our standard dentures, running at $849 per arch. Those who currently wear dentures would likely see these as a good option as they keep costs low and are slightly more delicate than our elite dentures.


Those elite dentures run at a cost of $1149 per arch and provide a greater, glossy aesthetic, and are slightly more durable than the standard option. Our elite dentures also come with a longer warranty than our standard dentures allowing you more time for any adjustments you would need.

We are also able to offer temporary immediate dentures for those who need a new set of teeth quickly! They mimic our other options but are increased in cost with standards costing $1199 each and elites costing $1499 each. Whilst the cost is higher, you are able to get a more immediate replacement for any dental woes you are facing.


Finally, we offer partial dentures for those only missing a few teeth. These work great and have a lower cost than dental implants. Just like our other dentures, we offer two different models to help adjust for the cost you are looking for. Our standard partial dentures are not very aesthetic with metal clasps that hug surrounding teeth. Those run at $1049 per arch. Our much more aesthetic option is our Valplast partial dentures running at $1399 but uses a gum-colored material made to match your other gums. This helps hide the dentures seamlessly into the rest of your teeth.


Are You Considering Getting Dentures?

If you are interested in learning more about our low-cost dentures and if they would work for you, consider giving our Pinellas Park location a call at (727) 546-4665. Our inviting staff with help schedule a consultation with one of our great dentists, and get you on the path to brand new dentures today!