How Expensive Are Partial Dentures In Pinellas Park, FL?

implant-supported dentures and the titanium posts underneath

If you are missing a few teeth but have many remaining healthy teeth, don’t panic! There is a cost-effective solution to your woes, partial dentures. This will allow you to retain your healthy teeth while also replacing the gaps to fill functionality. Here is how partial dentures could save you money in Pinellas Park, Florida.


The Cost Of Most Dentures

Dentures have long been used as a way of replacing missing teeth. That is why the cost of dentures over time has also been creeping down. They have long provided a reliable replacement for teeth that can last for nearly a decade if taken care of properly.

Most places can charge upwards of two thousand dollars for their partial dentures. For us though, we help keep costs down by having in-house manufacturing of our dentures. Whether they are fulls or partials, all dentures are made at our location which means getting them to you at a lower cost and quicker than ever before. That is why we can keep our dentures between $1099 and $1399 for partials.

Why two numbers? We offer two different kinds of partial dentures. The first, costing $1099, is for the more cost-conscious individual. Whilst they are certainly not the prettiest, these partial dentures do restore the functionality of a tooth by using metal clasps that hold onto surrounding teeth.

Our elite partial dentures, costing $1399, are made out of a more aesthetic material known as valplast. These partials are made to blend seamlessly into the rest of your teeth and gumline to provide greater aesthetic quality. The functionality between the two is practically the same with the elites having a slight edge due to the way they are supported.


Improve Your Quality Of Life With Partial Dentures

At the end of the day, partial dentures do a great job of restoring one’s daily life. By filling the gaps in your teeth, you are able to return to eating the foods you enjoy in the past. You can smile without fear of the gaps being stared at. All while also keeping the healthy teeth you do have for years to come.

If you or a loved one is considering partial dentures in Pinellas Park, Florida, come give us a visit. At Florida Dental Centers, we work hard to provide the highest quality care at the most affordable price. With our excellent staff and expertly trained doctors, we want to help make an impact and restore your quality of life.

Consider contacting us to schedule an appointment at our Pinellas Park clinic today. We have facilities all across the Tampa Bay metropolitan area so if one is closer to you, consider giving them a call! All our facilities are ready to make you high-quality partial dentures at a low cost. Make the decision today and start your new journey with partial dentures.