Getting A Tooth Implant In St Petersburg, FL!

a single dental implant post being inseted into a jaw

Have you damaged or lost a tooth? Are you looking for a replacement that will last you for years? A single tooth implant is a great way to restore the aesthetic of missing teeth and provide a similar structure. This option promotes overall oral health and stability, more so than other tooth replacement options. If you are looking for reliable and affordable single tooth implants in St. Petersburg, Florida, read on to find out more!


How Single Tooth Implants Support You

When examining options for tooth replacement, such as partial dentures and bridges, they do not compare to a single tooth implant. Whilst they can restore some functionality and aesthetics, neither provide the same strength and stability as dental implants. This is because of how these other devices work versus how dental implants work.

Dental bridges and partial dentures are situated along the top of the gums. Bridges are bound to surrounding healthy teeth where partial dentures use the support of multiple healthy teeth and are removable. Neither of these goes beneath the surface though. This means the jaw bone will slowly decay over time which can cause other teeth to crowd or decay.

A single tooth dental implant fixes this issue though. By being placed into the jaw bone, the post acts like a tooth root preventing decay and surrounding teeth shifting. This stability also means non-restricted diets for those who have them placed. Maintenance of dental implants is also easy with the crown being cleaned like any other tooth in a normal oral hygiene care routine.


Quality Care At The Right Price

The problem many faces with dental implants is their high-cost association. Usually, for a single tooth implant, those costs can be as high as $4,500 or more depending on circumstance. This does not even include consultations, temporary crowns, and other associated costs. This is the best form of care that one can receive for a missing tooth. So what is someone supposed to do?

Well, for anyone near St. Petersburg, Florida, we have a solution. Florida Dental Centers works to drive down costs while providing you the highest quality care possible. That is why we offer our single tooth implants starting at $3,897. This includes the consultation with a periodontist and the costs of placing and manufacturing your implant. We even include a temporary crown in this cost as well. So whilst this may seem like a high cost, the included value is significantly more than others.

Are You Looking For Dental Implants?

We hope you consider Florida Dental Centers in St. Petersburg Florida for your single tooth implant procedure. With qualified and talented doctors and a kind and caring support staff, we strive to provide the best experience out of any dental group in the whole of Florida.


If you would like to schedule an appointment or get more information about how we break down our costs, consider contacting our St. Petersburg location. We have other locations across the entire Tampa Bay metropolitan region as well. Get the treatment you need an affordable price without sacrificing quality.