What Does Affordable Dentures Really Mean In Pinellas Park, FL?

image of lower partial denture model

Finding a place with affordable dentures can be challenging. Many dentists will have hidden fees or additions that are not calculated into their final price, which can be frustrating to say the least.

At a practice in Pinellas Park, FL, there are options for affordable dentures that have all the costs baked into the final price from the very start. Fees or additions are not hidden, what is seen is what patients get. Here are the types of affordable dentures that are carried in this dental office!


Standard Dentures

The standard dentures are a good solution for a budget-minded patient. The quality is still good, being made out of durable acrylic material. These dentures are also a great option for those who have used dentures for a while and are looking for a new set. With a price point of $849 per arch, these are a lot easier on the wallet than some dentures.

Elite Dentures

Made out of higher-quality acrylic, the elite dentures are a step up from the standard ones. Crafted using more aesthetic materials, this denture is great for people who desire cosmetically pleasing teeth. Elite dentures also come with a longer warranty than the standard dentures, which makes them a great first denture. The price of elite dentures is $1,149 per arch. While they are more costly, they come with notably better results.

Temporary/Immediate Dentures

Sometimes, it can take weeks to get a set of dentures repaired by most facilities. An in-house denture lab removes the time it takes to send dentures away to get them fixed and has it all done in-house. This process can still take some time though which is why temporary/immediate dentures are offered in this office.

They come in slightly higher than their standard and elite counterparts, but you can get immediate dentures made in both. Standard immediate dentures come in at $1,199 per arch. Elite immediate dentures come in at $1,499 per arch. Even though they cost more, you will never have to go without teeth!

Partial Dentures

There are also partial dentures for those only needing to gap a few teeth. These come in standard and elite options to match the materials used above. A big difference between the two though is more reliance on aesthetics.

Standard partial dentures use a metal clasp system to hold onto surrounding teeth and be supported by them. They come in at a price of $1,049. The elite partial dentures use a material known as valplast. This material is a much more aesthetic pinkish material that makes the teeth appear more uniform. These valplast dentures come in at a price of $1,399.


Find Your Affordable Dentures Today!

Whether it is full or partial dentures, immediate or long-term, our office in Pinellas Park, FL has got you covered! With a wide variety of options to choose from, all at different price points to match your budget, we strive to make each denture better than our last.

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