When Should I Get Dental Implants In St. Petersburg, FL?

two nurses placing dental implants for a dental patient.

Struggling with missing teeth? Looking for another alternative to traditional dentures? Dental implants are a great way to replace a person’s missing teeth. But when is the right time to get dental implants in St. Petersburg, FL? Continue reading to learn more about how dental implants immediately start providing patients benefits to their health and why they should consider getting them.


The Benefits Of Getting Dental Implants In St. Petersburg, FL

When looking for a sustainable option to replace missing teeth, dental implants are a great option. These permanent teeth replacements can provide stability for years to come. There are a number of benefits to consider when a person is looking to restore their smile with dental implant treatments.

Dentures, on the other hand, do not provide the same long-lasting health benefits as dental implants. Because dentures do not have any anchor holding them in place, patients could experience bone loss. This will eventually lead to slippage and the patient’s dentures will fit less and less well, making them less effective and more problematic.

When it comes to missing natural teeth, a dental implant can bring back functionality and beauty to a patient’s smile. The dental implant itself is composed of a dental post, an abutment, and the prosthetic. The post acts as a replacement to a patient’s missing tooth root, and the dental prosthetic is a replacement to the tooth. 

The dental implant post provides the same stability to a patient’s jawbone as a natural tooth root does, meaning a patient will have long-lasting dental implants and no bone loss. The dental prosthetic is customized by a dental professional to look like the patient’s natural teeth. 


What Are Dental Implant Options In St. Petersburg, FL?

There are a variety of dental implant options that patients can replace their missing teeth with. If a patient has one missing tooth, a skilled doctor can restore a patient’s dental functionality with single dental implants. For those missing a full arch of teeth, full mouth dental implants could be a great solution. Full mouth dental implants are the most similar to denture’s but they are anchored by dental implants. 

Full mouth dental implants can restore a patient’s whole arch of teeth for years to come. 


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