What Happens If I Don’t Use Dental Implants To Replace My Missing Teeth In St. Petersburg, FL?

An image of a woman with missing teeth.

Dental implants are regarded as the gold standard for replacing missing or decayed teeth.  However, several things can happen if people don’t use dental implants to replace their missing teeth in St. Petersburg, FL, with this restorative tooth replacement option. Missing teeth are not just aesthetically unappealing, causing the facial structure to look sunken in and aged, they can also seriously impact the patients oral and systemic health.

The good news is that dental implants can be used to fully rejuvenate and renew a patient’s smile, improving their quality of life and their self-confidence! Continue reading to learn more about what happens when patients don’t use dental implants to replace their missing teeth.


What Happens When Dental Implants Aren’t Used To Replace Missing Teeth

Having a healthy oral environment with a strong jawbone, functional teeth, and healthy gums not only improve people’s appearances, it also allows them to enjoy their favorite foods and speak without worrying about their teeth falling out. However, when people have missing or decayed teeth, they are at risk of having jawbone density loss.

Jawbone density loss occurs when the missing or decayed tooth root is no longer keeping the jawbone stimulated. The longer the tooth root is missing from the person’s jawbone, the more bone density they lose from their jawbone. Over time, the persons face will begin to resorb, giving their facial structure a sunken in and aged appearance.

Also, when people have missing teeth, their surrounding teeth can begin to shift. Having missing teeth even makes it hard for people to chew and speak properly. Finally, people can be embarrassed about how their smile looks with missing teeth.


What Happens When I do Use Dental Implants To Replace My Missing Teeth?

Dental implants are a natural looking and functional tooth replacement option when people have one or more missing teeth in St. Petersburg, FL. Because the dental implant post acts like a natural tooth root, when it is placed in the patient’s jawbone, it stimulates it like a natural tooth root would. The dental implant post also fuses with the patient’s jawbone, giving them a permanent and strong new smile.

After the dental implant posts and abutments have been securely placed, the prosthesis can be placed on top. With a custom-made prosthesis, patients will be able to eat the foods they love, chew and bite properly, and smile with the confidence in knowing they have a restored new smile.


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