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What Type Of Dental Services Can I Get In St. Petersburg, FL?

Looking to get teeth whitened? In need of a new set of dentures? This practice has a variety of services for patients to choose from with expert doctors ready to assist in any treatment in St. Petersburg, FL. Here are the treatments patients can find in this office!


If a patient is looking for simple tooth restorations, fillings are a great option. This office offers composite fillings which are made to appear like the color of natural teeth. This is a great option for those who have cavities and are looking to avoid further bone decay.


The step-up from fillings would be dental crowns. Crowns are placed over the top of a healthy tooth structure that has faced a large amount of erosion, cavities, or loss of enamel to protect the tooth’s main structure and roots.


For those whose teeth have decayed to the point where they no longer function, this office offers extraction services. By removing the tooth, patients can avoid the pain or further damage the tooth is causing to their mouth.

Root Canals

Another option before extraction, that may be best for some patients, is a root canal. This is the removal of the nerve from the tooth to negate any pain it may be causing. Root canals can sustain a mostly healthy tooth whilst removing the part that causes the most issues!

Dental Implants

If the tooth is no longer viable, dental implants are a great option to replace the missing tooth or teeth. That is because dental implants act as a stand-in for the missing tooth structure. This means one can avoid jawbone decay, a major problem for those missing teeth.


If a patient needs a full-arch replacement for missing teeth, dentures are a great option. A long-used and strong option, dentures can provide patients with a new set of teeth both functionally and aesthetically. At the St. Petersburg, FL office, a variety of dentures are offered for those looking for the best option for their unique situation.


Moving on to more cosmetics, veneers are a thin layer of porcelain material that can be placed over the top of healthy teeth to provide a natural look. This is also a quicker solution than other options such as orthodontics.

Whitening/Bleaching Options

For those who have healthy teeth that are stained or discolored, whitening may be the best option. This practice’s professional whitening options outcompete over the counter in how long they last and how quickly they can make a difference.


Finally, this practice offers treatment services for gum disease and related gum conditions. Periodontics is the dental term for gums and as such, this practice provides treatment and management for gum disease.

See A Service You Are Looking For In St. Petersburg, FL?

We strive to provide a wide variety of services so that everyone can feel welcome. Get in contact with Dr. Keith Hutchinson and our team at our Florida Dental Centers office to schedule an appointment with us to get the treatment you deserve, today!

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What Does Affordable Dentures Really Mean In Pinellas Park, FL?

Finding a place with affordable dentures can be challenging. Many dentists will have hidden fees or additions that are not calculated into their final price, which can be frustrating to say the least.

At a practice in Pinellas Park, FL, there are options for affordable dentures that have all the costs baked into the final price from the very start. Fees or additions are not hidden, what is seen is what patients get. Here are the types of affordable dentures that are carried in this dental office!


Standard Dentures

The standard dentures are a good solution for a budget-minded patient. The quality is still good, being made out of durable acrylic material. These dentures are also a great option for those who have used dentures for a while and are looking for a new set. With a price point of $849 per arch, these are a lot easier on the wallet than some dentures.

Elite Dentures

Made out of higher-quality acrylic, the elite dentures are a step up from the standard ones. Crafted using more aesthetic materials, this denture is great for people who desire cosmetically pleasing teeth. Elite dentures also come with a longer warranty than the standard dentures, which makes them a great first denture. The price of elite dentures is $1,149 per arch. While they are more costly, they come with notably better results.

Temporary/Immediate Dentures

Sometimes, it can take weeks to get a set of dentures repaired by most facilities. An in-house denture lab removes the time it takes to send dentures away to get them fixed and has it all done in-house. This process can still take some time though which is why temporary/immediate dentures are offered in this office.

They come in slightly higher than their standard and elite counterparts, but you can get immediate dentures made in both. Standard immediate dentures come in at $1,199 per arch. Elite immediate dentures come in at $1,499 per arch. Even though they cost more, you will never have to go without teeth!

Partial Dentures

There are also partial dentures for those only needing to gap a few teeth. These come in standard and elite options to match the materials used above. A big difference between the two though is more reliance on aesthetics.

Standard partial dentures use a metal clasp system to hold onto surrounding teeth and be supported by them. They come in at a price of $1,049. The elite partial dentures use a material known as valplast. This material is a much more aesthetic pinkish material that makes the teeth appear more uniform. These valplast dentures come in at a price of $1,399.


Find Your Affordable Dentures Today!

Whether it is full or partial dentures, immediate or long-term, our office in Pinellas Park, FL has got you covered! With a wide variety of options to choose from, all at different price points to match your budget, we strive to make each denture better than our last.

Get in contact with our doctors in our Florida Dental Centers office in Pinellas Park, FL to schedule an appointment today!

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How Expensive Are Partial Dentures In Pinellas Park, FL?

If you are missing a few teeth but have many remaining healthy teeth, don’t panic! There is a cost-effective solution to your woes, partial dentures. This will allow you to retain your healthy teeth while also replacing the gaps to fill functionality. Here is how partial dentures could save you money in Pinellas Park, Florida.


The Cost Of Most Dentures

Dentures have long been used as a way of replacing missing teeth. That is why the cost of dentures over time has also been creeping down. They have long provided a reliable replacement for teeth that can last for nearly a decade if taken care of properly.

Most places can charge upwards of two thousand dollars for their partial dentures. For us though, we help keep costs down by having in-house manufacturing of our dentures. Whether they are fulls or partials, all dentures are made at our location which means getting them to you at a lower cost and quicker than ever before. That is why we can keep our dentures between $1099 and $1399 for partials.

Why two numbers? We offer two different kinds of partial dentures. The first, costing $1099, is for the more cost-conscious individual. Whilst they are certainly not the prettiest, these partial dentures do restore the functionality of a tooth by using metal clasps that hold onto surrounding teeth.

Our elite partial dentures, costing $1399, are made out of a more aesthetic material known as valplast. These partials are made to blend seamlessly into the rest of your teeth and gumline to provide greater aesthetic quality. The functionality between the two is practically the same with the elites having a slight edge due to the way they are supported.


Improve Your Quality Of Life With Partial Dentures

At the end of the day, partial dentures do a great job of restoring one’s daily life. By filling the gaps in your teeth, you are able to return to eating the foods you enjoy in the past. You can smile without fear of the gaps being stared at. All while also keeping the healthy teeth you do have for years to come.

If you or a loved one is considering partial dentures in Pinellas Park, Florida, come give us a visit. At Florida Dental Centers, we work hard to provide the highest quality care at the most affordable price. With our excellent staff and expertly trained doctors, we want to help make an impact and restore your quality of life.

Consider contacting us to schedule an appointment at our Pinellas Park clinic today. We have facilities all across the Tampa Bay metropolitan area so if one is closer to you, consider giving them a call! All our facilities are ready to make you high-quality partial dentures at a low cost. Make the decision today and start your new journey with partial dentures.

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Getting A Tooth Implant In St Petersburg, FL!

Have you damaged or lost a tooth? Are you looking for a replacement that will last you for years? A single tooth implant is a great way to restore the aesthetic of missing teeth and provide a similar structure. This option promotes overall oral health and stability, more so than other tooth replacement options. If you are looking for reliable and affordable single tooth implants in St. Petersburg, Florida, read on to find out more!


How Single Tooth Implants Support You

When examining options for tooth replacement, such as partial dentures and bridges, they do not compare to a single tooth implant. Whilst they can restore some functionality and aesthetics, neither provide the same strength and stability as dental implants. This is because of how these other devices work versus how dental implants work.

Dental bridges and partial dentures are situated along the top of the gums. Bridges are bound to surrounding healthy teeth where partial dentures use the support of multiple healthy teeth and are removable. Neither of these goes beneath the surface though. This means the jaw bone will slowly decay over time which can cause other teeth to crowd or decay.

A single tooth dental implant fixes this issue though. By being placed into the jaw bone, the post acts like a tooth root preventing decay and surrounding teeth shifting. This stability also means non-restricted diets for those who have them placed. Maintenance of dental implants is also easy with the crown being cleaned like any other tooth in a normal oral hygiene care routine.


Quality Care At The Right Price

The problem many faces with dental implants is their high-cost association. Usually, for a single tooth implant, those costs can be as high as $4,500 or more depending on circumstance. This does not even include consultations, temporary crowns, and other associated costs. This is the best form of care that one can receive for a missing tooth. So what is someone supposed to do?

Well, for anyone near St. Petersburg, Florida, we have a solution. Florida Dental Centers works to drive down costs while providing you the highest quality care possible. That is why we offer our single tooth implants starting at $3,897. This includes the consultation with a periodontist and the costs of placing and manufacturing your implant. We even include a temporary crown in this cost as well. So whilst this may seem like a high cost, the included value is significantly more than others.

Are You Looking For Dental Implants?

We hope you consider Florida Dental Centers in St. Petersburg Florida for your single tooth implant procedure. With qualified and talented doctors and a kind and caring support staff, we strive to provide the best experience out of any dental group in the whole of Florida.


If you would like to schedule an appointment or get more information about how we break down our costs, consider contacting our St. Petersburg location. We have other locations across the entire Tampa Bay metropolitan region as well. Get the treatment you need an affordable price without sacrificing quality.

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Are You Looking For Affordable Dentures In Pinellas Park FL?

With roughly 35 million Americans missing teeth, replacing them with dentures is a fairly common step in the lives of many. But where can you find affordable dentures in Pinellas Park, Florida?

Here at Florida Dental Centers, we strive to keep our costs low whilst still providing you with a high-quality and functional set of teeth. Here is how we keep costs low and what we bring to you with our dentures!


In-House Denture Labs Keep Costs Down

Each of our facilities in the Greater Tampa Bay Metropolitan Area hosts a denture lab, a place where we are able to design, manufacture, and fine-tune dentures. By keeping these labs inside our office, we are able to cut down on any additional shipping costs, work directly with the technicians to ensure peak performance and aesthetics, and get dentures to you faster than ever!

But what exactly are our costs for dentures? We offer a variety of dentures to meet your needs and desires. Our lowest cost dentures are our standard dentures, running at $849 per arch. Those who currently wear dentures would likely see these as a good option as they keep costs low and are slightly more delicate than our elite dentures.


Those elite dentures run at a cost of $1149 per arch and provide a greater, glossy aesthetic, and are slightly more durable than the standard option. Our elite dentures also come with a longer warranty than our standard dentures allowing you more time for any adjustments you would need.

We are also able to offer temporary immediate dentures for those who need a new set of teeth quickly! They mimic our other options but are increased in cost with standards costing $1199 each and elites costing $1499 each. Whilst the cost is higher, you are able to get a more immediate replacement for any dental woes you are facing.


Finally, we offer partial dentures for those only missing a few teeth. These work great and have a lower cost than dental implants. Just like our other dentures, we offer two different models to help adjust for the cost you are looking for. Our standard partial dentures are not very aesthetic with metal clasps that hug surrounding teeth. Those run at $1049 per arch. Our much more aesthetic option is our Valplast partial dentures running at $1399 but uses a gum-colored material made to match your other gums. This helps hide the dentures seamlessly into the rest of your teeth.


Are You Considering Getting Dentures?

If you are interested in learning more about our low-cost dentures and if they would work for you, consider giving our Pinellas Park location a call at (727) 546-4665. Our inviting staff with help schedule a consultation with one of our great dentists, and get you on the path to brand new dentures today!

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The Ways To Replace Teeth In St. Petersburg, FL!

Tired of missing gaps in your mouth? Here at Florida Dental Centers, there are multiple ways to replace teeth that are missing, damaged, or decayed in St. Petersburg, Florida. From bridges and partial dentures to single dental implants, we have got you covered! Here is how each of our options can help restore your smile and get you back to living your life.


Dental Bridges

We offer dental bridges to help restore the mouth in a minimally invasive way. How dental bridges work is they are teeth-like porcelain structures placed between two healthy teeth and fused to them for support. Our dental bridges are the more affordable option of these three whilst still providing an aesthetic enhancement in eliminating those gaps in your teeth!


Partial Dentures

Whilst we also offer full-arch dentures, our partial dentures are a great way to fill in one or a few missing teeth! Like dental bridges, partial dentures support themselves using the healthy remaining teeth in your mouth. However, they are not fused to your other teeth which allows you the ability to take them out for cleaning or other needs.

Our partial dentures, like all of our dentures, are made at our in-house denture lab. This means we are not sending scans of your teeth far away, or even overseas, to get things made for you. Our staff who works with you take the plans we make for your dentures and work directly with our lab technicians to make your dentures work best for you all while reducing the costs of having to ship them across the world!


Single Dental Implants

The longest-lasting and most reliable method for replacing missing teeth are with single dental implants. This tooth replacement method works by replacing the missing structures of your tooth providing long-term stability to the rest of your teeth and jawbone as well as looking and acting the most like an actual tooth.

The process for getting a dental implant is fairly straightforward. First, we determine your eligibility for the implant. People who have had missing teeth for a long time may require additional surgeries such as bone grafting to successfully have a dental implant. Then, we take scans of your mouth and plan your surgery. Once we get the implant made, we make a hole where we place the post. This post, once healed, will hold a permeate porcelain crown on top of it. The healing process takes a few months but once fully healed, the crown is placed and your smile is restored!


Don’t Settle For Having Any Gaps!

If one of these options sounds appealing to you or you have more questions about our great value dentists, consider giving us a call at (727) 525-8770 to schedule a consultation at our St. Petersburg location.

Is that location a little far for you? No worries! Florida Dental Centers has locations all across the Tampa Bay Metropolitan area that you are welcome to contact as well. Say goodbye to your tooth gaps today!

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My Dentures Broke! Can I Get Them Repaired?

There are many reasons dentures can break. One this is for certain, broken dentures are more than an annoying small issue. They can interrupt one’s entire life! Not being able to eat, rest comfortably, smile, all these normal functions of our teeth because of broken dentures requires immediate attention. Florida Dental Centers offers denture repair and realigns to anyone who needs their dentures fixed in Pinellas Park, FL. Here are some common ways dentures break and what we can do to fix them.


Reasons Why Dentures Break

One of the biggest reasons for dentures to break is from blunt force impact. This could be from dropping them when being taken out for cleaning or being stolen and crunched on by a family pet. This could also be caused by falling and hitting your mouth. Denture strength can also be worn over time due to teeth clenching and grinding, abrasive cleaning, or the use of too hot of water when cleaning.

Whilst these are all more easily understood ways for dentures to break, a lesser well-known reason is from dentures not fitting properly when first made. If dentures are not fit properly and shift around, they could break more easily. Sometimes, even when fitted properly initially, the jaw bones will change after wearing dentures over a long period of time. This can also cause dentures to become misaligned. When dentures are not fitting properly, it is much easier for them to be broken just through the normal process of eating, chewing, and so on.


Repairs and Realigns Done Quick and Easy!

No matter whether it is broken or just not fitting properly, we offer repairs and realigns for dentures. In many cases, we are able to get you in within a day to get these repairs and realigns going. Each of our locations is equipped with a denture studio that can easily make and repair dentures. Whether you had your dentures made by us or someone else, you deserve to have functional teeth in quick time. That is why we offer these quick appointments for your denture repairs and realigns.

With a team of excellent doctors and welcoming staff, Florida Dental Centers has been serving the Tampa Bay Metropolitan area for decades. We strive to provide the highest quality repairs in the area as well as many needed dental services to help keep you smiling for years to come.

If you are searching for denture repair in the Pinellas Park, FL area, give us a call at (727) 525-8770 so we can schedule and get you in as soon as possible to get your dentures back in functioning order. You may also find one of our other locations to be closer to you. We are excited to help restore your dentures and bring a smile back to your day!

Stop waiting and start saving with Florida Dental Centers today!

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Ways Of Getting Dentures Near Me In St. Petersburg, FL!

Looking for a new set of affordable set of dentures? Florida Dental Centers is a fantastic place for you to get a sturdy set of dentures here in St. Petersburg, Florida. We provide in-house manufacturing of dentures to help bring down costs and get you results quicker! Here is how our dentures work and how they could help you.


Denture Options at Florida Dental Centers

At Florida Dental Centers, we have denture labs at all of our locations to provide dentures in a much quicker, more reliable way than others in our field. We offer two kinds of dentures to help those looking for cheap but strong options or those looking for some that are more aesthetically pleasing.

Our standard dentures are a great option for budget-minded patients. With a cost of $849 each, these dentures are cost-effective and reliable. If you have worn dentures before with little issue, these will be an easy fit for you. Made from acrylic and denture teeth, these dentures do not have as long of a lifespan as our other option but are still strong throughout their lifetime.

Our elite denture model is of higher quality, has a greater aesthetic appeal, and is a more expensive option. Costing $1149 each, these dentures are great for those looking for something that will wow the crowd. With a longer warranty period as well, these dentures last a good several years before needing replacement.

All our dentures are made to custom fit your mouth to avoid any pesky slippage or rashes that come with slippage. We strive to ensure high quality in our dentures and make sure you are satisfied before our job is done. We offer partial dentures as well to help bridge the gap between a few teeth gaps.

We also offer emergency repairs and adjustments for those who use our dentures or got their dentures from somewhere else. These are all done the same day you visit us to ensure you get back to living your life quicker and without needing any annoying temporary options.


Affordable, Reliable, and Here in St. Petersburg, FL!

If you have been searching for a place to get your next pair of dentures, consider Florida Dental Centers for your next set! With our amazing team of specialists and a high-quality and dedicated staff, we strive to provide the best experience to everyone who visits us.

Consider contacting us today at (727) 525-8770 to schedule a consultation with one of our doctors here in St. Petersburg, FL. We have other locations throughout the entire Tampa Bay Metropolitan area as well and would be happy to see you at any of those locations as well. Consider Florida Dental Centers today for your new dentures!

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Do I Need Periodontal Treatment To Get Dental Implants In Pinellas Park, FL?

Making the decision to have dental implants is an important step for dental recovery. Making sure your mouth is ready for dental implants is necessary to guarantee there are no underlying issues. That is why it is important to meet with a periodontist and see if you need to undergo periodontal treatment. What’s that? How does that impact dental implants? Here is some background information about periodontal treatment for dental implants in Pinellas Park, Florida.


What Is Periodontal Treatment?

All doctors like using big words, so let’s break this one down. Periodontal refers to the gum tissue within your mouth. The gums are important for defending against certain bad bacteria, keeping the teeth ordered and safe, and so much more.

Periodontal treatment is necessary when different conditions are impacting your gums such as gum disease. Gum disease causes the gums to become inflamed which can push teeth out of place. Over a long period of time, this can cause bone damage, decay, or loosening of teeth making them prone to fall out.

When it comes to dental implants, this makes the placing of the implant device tricky. Because gum inflammation can cause a shifting of teeth, a post that is placed in inflamed gums can cause it to shift and fall out. That is why it is incredibly important to have treatment for any periodontal conditions sought after before going forward with getting dental implants.


Periodontal Treatment in Pinellas Park, Florida

Depending on the periodontal disease you have, there are many ways to treat it. Some of those require lifestyle changes. This includes, but is not limited to, quitting smoking and or drug use. But there are many things doctors can do as well to help mitigate the impacts of these diseases. This can include certain procedures to clean out the gums, mitigate long-term effects, and more.

Where do I go to find a periodontist? If you are seeking periodontal treatment in Pinellas Park Florida, Dental Centers of Florida has got you covered! Dr. Syamak Ghiai is our in-office periodontist who can help create a plan to get you on track for dental implants. A Tampa Bay native, Dr. Ghiai continues to this day his decades of experience and education in order to understand the best ways to help treat periodontal diseases and bring people their best oral and dental health.

Give us a call at (727) 546-4665 for our Pinellas Park location. We can help schedule an appointment with Dr. Syamak Ghiai or any of our other amazing providers you are seeking. We will help go over your treatment and how to get to your goal of having dental implants! Not near Pinellas Park? No problem! Florida Dental Centers have locations all across the Tampa Bay Metropolitan region. We hope Florida Dental Centers is able to provide you to assurance you need to start your journey to better dental health today!

Stop waiting and start saving with Florida Dental Centers today!

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Are You Looking For An Emergency Dentist In St Petersburg, FL?

When you have a health emergency, you are traditionally told to go to the Emergency Room. But what about dental emergencies? If you break a tooth at work or fall and chip a tooth, going to the Emergency Room may not be the best solution. Finding an emergency dentist will be key to helping with your dental woes.

What all can emergency dentists handle? This is what emergency dentists can do for you in St. Petersburg Florida:


Emergency Dentists over the Emergency Room

The majority of Emergency Rooms across the United States do not have the equipment or expertise to handle the complexities of dental health. This is, of course, not to disparage the work done in our emergency rooms.

When you contact Florida Dental Centers, we work with you to figure out how soon we are able to get you in for emergency dental services. With our flexible staff, we are able to bring you the care you need when you need it. The sorts of services we provide through emergency services are:

  • Severe toothaches such as consistent throbbing pain
  • Jaw damage and/or dislocation
  • Knocked out tooth
  • Excessive bleeding from the gums
  • A severe infection
  • Chipped or otherwise damaged teeth

Keeping an eye out for these emergencies is key to minimizing the damage across the mouth. We are also able to assist in repairs to damaged dentures and loose crowns or fillings. The biggest symptoms to watch out for are severe pain, bleeding, pus, and loose teeth in order to get the treatment you need as quickly as possible.


Emergencies in St. Petersburg, Florida

If you are worried about any of these conditions and are seeking immediate care, consider Florida Dental Centers in St. Petersburg today. Our staff is equipped with the knowledge and the proper tools to handle any dental emergency. If you are in an emergency or would like to learn more about our emergency services, give us a call at (727) 525-8770 to schedule a consultation at our St. Petersburg office. Our staff will be able to help give you more information about our services or see when we can get you in.

Far away from St. Petersburg? No worries! We have locations all across the Tampa Bay area that can assist in emergency services as well. Consider Florida Dental Centers today for your emergency dental procedures.

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