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What Is The All On X Treatment?

Having a beautiful smile can certainly be a great feature to have. However, for those who have missing teeth, or those who have teeth that are damaged, misshaped, or even discolored, a trusted doctor can assess the patient’s teeth to determine which treatment option could be best for them. The All On X dental implant procedure in Clearwater, FL is a great option to replace missing teeth.


How Are All On X Dental Implants Placed?

With All On X dental implant’s in Clearwater, FL, four to eight dental implant posts can be used to restore a patients smile. Dental implants are screw-like posts that are typically made from the material titanium. The dental implants are strategically placed in the patient’s jawbone, where they function as natural tooth roots.

Over time, the dental implants will fuse with the patient’s jawbone, creating a strong foundation for the dental prosthetic to be placed on. All On X dental implants are a long-term solution that can improve a patients oral health, appearance, and overall quality of life.


The Benefits That Come From All On X Dental Implants In Clearwater, FL

All On X dental implants have a long lifespan and will not wear out from normal chewing. They do not require removal and are a permanent tooth replacement option. All On X dental implants are a great alternative to dentures, which can become ill-fitting and move around in the patients mouth, causing them discomfort.

All On X dental implants can give patients a more stable bite, a restored smile, and a reduction in bone loss. Since All On X dental implants are customizable, they can be a great, personalized approach to dental care.


Come Replace Your Missing Teeth With Us

Don’t wait to replace your missing or damaged teeth with All On X dental implants. With this advanced procedure, you can replace your full arch of missing teeth, allowing you to chew, bite, speak, and smile with ease. Get in contact with Dr. Keith Hutchinson and our team at our Florida Dental Centers office to schedule an appointment today. All On X dental implants can restore your smile for years to come.

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Make An Impact With A Celebrity Smile

How do so many celebrities have perfect smiles? Getting dental implants and veneers in St. Petersburg, FL is how! These two dental devices can upgrade a smile from good to great in a single appointment.

So what are dental implants and veneers? Dental implants are used commonly to replace damaged or decayed teeth. The crown placed on top is made to match the color of the patients other surrounding teeth. Dental Veneers are a thin layer of tooth-colored material, usually porcelain, placed over the patients existing teeth to make their smile look uniform and smooth.


What Are Dental Veneers In St. Petersburg, FL?

Dental veneers are thin dental devices that are layered over the top of healthy teeth. This layering makes the teeth appear as though they are healthy, straight, and white. As a cosmetic dentistry solution, dental veneers are able to fix any aesthetic imperfection a patient’s teeth may have. Crooked teeth, cracked teeth, discolored teeth, gapped teeth, and more can be treated to look aesthetically pleasing with the dental veneer’s treatment!

Typically made with a porcelain material, dental veneers are made to look like a patient’s natural teeth while hiding their imperfect teeth behind them. The best part is that the dental veneer treatment is minimally invasive, so it only requires a thin layer of enamel removal in order to make the veneer stick and last for years to come!


What Are Dental Implants In St. Petersburg, FL?

Dental implants are a great way to replace a patient’s missing, damaged, decayed, or diseased teeth with functional and cosmetic teeth! Dental implants work by being surgically implanted into the patient’s healthy jawbone, allowing them to have stability for years to come. On top of the dental implant is a dental prosthetic that is made to look like the patient’s natural teeth.

Dental implants are the best way to replace a patient’s missing teeth. They last longer than any other current tooth replacement option on the market and function just like the patient’s natural teeth. Not only that but they maintain the health of the bone structures in the patients mouth as well, helping them to avoid tooth decay and damage over time.


Celebrities with Dental Veneers

Zac Efron, first made popular by the hit movie series High School Musical (2006-2008), had dental veneers set on not long after he started his acting career. He had large gaps between his teeth that would have taken years to fix using other devices such as braces. So, he took the quick option of having dental veneers put in place and has never looked back since.

Another actress who has dental veneers is Emma Roberts. With many appearances from Nancy Drew (2007) to Nerve (2016), Roberts has left a huge impression on the movie world with her beautiful smile! When she was a kid, her teeth came in crooked and unaligned. Like Efron, she opted to have dental veneers placed.

Morgan Freeman has long been an amazing actor. He has been in countless movies and movie series from The Dark Knight Trilogy (2005-2012) to older movies such as Glory (1989). Up until recently though, his smile was not as glamorous. He decided to get dental veneers and now he is one of the most recognizable faces across all of Hollywood!


Celebrities with Dental Implants

Miley Cyrus, known for the hit television show Hannah Montana (2006-2011), as well as from her music career, has had many dental implants placed throughout her young adult life. With many of her teeth grown out of place, many had to be removed to make way for her dental implants, giving her an amazing new smile.

The famous comedian Chris Rock also has dental implants. After years of performance, his teeth began to wear out and so he opted for the strong long-lasting option of getting dental implants to make his smile last for years to come!

Former Pro Football player Jerry Rice had dental implants put in during his career in the NFL. He often would end up with chipped teeth because of his hard play style. Because of this, he ended up needing tooth replacements, and what better way to replace them than with dental implants!


Smile Like A Celebrity With Dental Implants and Veneers in St. Petersburg, FL

Do you want a smile that could dazzle anyone? Consider coming to our modern and friendly office. We have the experience in bringing out the best smiles in all of us. Get in contact with Dr. Keith Hutchinson at our Florida Dental Centers office to schedule an appointment with us today!

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How Can Full Mouth Dental Implants Benefit Me?

People may be beyond ready for a new smile if they are experiencing missing, damaged, or misshaped teeth. After assessing the patients teeth, a skilled dentist may recommend dental implants in Clearwater, FL as a smile restoration option.

Dental implants are super versatile and replace one or more teeth. If patients have several teeth missing or damaged, or in need of repair or restoration, they may receive full mouth dental implants and achieve their best smile yet!


All About Full Mouth Dental Implants

A dental implant has a titanium screw that attaches to the jaw, replacing the root of a missing tooth. The dentist can usually place the dental implant in the patients mouth during a two-step process after the tooth has been removed.

The first step to placing a dental implant is removing the damaged or lost tooth, and then placing the dental implant. After the implant has been placed, it will be left in place for about three to four months to allow the jawbone to grow over the implant. During this time, the patient may have a temporary replacement tooth attached to the implant.

After the dental implant has integrated with the jawbone, a permanent tooth is attached to the implant. This procedure can be used in place of a bridge or denture to restore a patient’s smile.


What Kind Of Dental Implant Treatments Can I Get?

Dental implants can be used to replace single or multiple missing teeth. The most common reason for placing a dental implant is to replace a tooth that has been lost due to gum disease, injury, or decay. A dental implant is also a good solution for teeth that have been damaged or broken, or to replace dentures.


What Are The Benefits Of A Full Mouth Dental Implant Treatment?

A full mouth dental implant treatment can offer many benefits for a person’s smile, appearance, and oral health. Dental implants can give patients the confidence to show their smile in public and can also improve the function of a person’s bite. In addition, dental implants can help preserve the bone in the jaw and can prevent teeth from shifting.

Basically, the benefits and advantages of full mouth dental implants include:

  • Natural looking and feeling.
  • More comfortable than dentures.
  • Retain your facial structure and smile.


Who Can Place My Full Mouth Dental Implants?

For those who are ready to be free of a less than stellar smile, dental implants are a great choice. However, patients must find the right dentist to make sure their results are long-lasting and the absolute best.

A dentist in Clearwater, FL should understand how important having a great smile can be and its impact on their daily life, tooth function, and appearance. They should provide treatment in a caring environment with modern technology and advanced knowledge and experience in placing full mouth dental implants successfully. These restorative options are fantastic, and patients can rest assured they can have great results!


We Can Place Your Full Mouth Dental Implants

Full mouth dental implants could be the perfect tooth restoration option for you. Get in contact with Dr. Keith Hutchinson and our team at our Florida Dental Centers office to schedule an appointment today! Your new smile is within reach.

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When Should I Get Dental Implants In St. Petersburg, FL?

Struggling with missing teeth? Looking for another alternative to traditional dentures? Dental implants are a great way to replace a person’s missing teeth. But when is the right time to get dental implants in St. Petersburg, FL? Continue reading to learn more about how dental implants immediately start providing patients benefits to their health and why they should consider getting them.


The Benefits Of Getting Dental Implants In St. Petersburg, FL

When looking for a sustainable option to replace missing teeth, dental implants are a great option. These permanent teeth replacements can provide stability for years to come. There are a number of benefits to consider when a person is looking to restore their smile with dental implant treatments.

Dentures, on the other hand, do not provide the same long-lasting health benefits as dental implants. Because dentures do not have any anchor holding them in place, patients could experience bone loss. This will eventually lead to slippage and the patient’s dentures will fit less and less well, making them less effective and more problematic.

When it comes to missing natural teeth, a dental implant can bring back functionality and beauty to a patient’s smile. The dental implant itself is composed of a dental post, an abutment, and the prosthetic. The post acts as a replacement to a patient’s missing tooth root, and the dental prosthetic is a replacement to the tooth. 

The dental implant post provides the same stability to a patient’s jawbone as a natural tooth root does, meaning a patient will have long-lasting dental implants and no bone loss. The dental prosthetic is customized by a dental professional to look like the patient’s natural teeth. 


What Are Dental Implant Options In St. Petersburg, FL?

There are a variety of dental implant options that patients can replace their missing teeth with. If a patient has one missing tooth, a skilled doctor can restore a patient’s dental functionality with single dental implants. For those missing a full arch of teeth, full mouth dental implants could be a great solution. Full mouth dental implants are the most similar to denture’s but they are anchored by dental implants. 

Full mouth dental implants can restore a patient’s whole arch of teeth for years to come. 


Get Your Dental Implants With Us

If you live in St. Petersburg, FL, and are in need of a new set of teeth, consider our highly skilled office. We offer lower-cost dental implants than others in our area, providing the quality treatments you deserve. 

Get in contact with Dr. Keith Hutchinson and our fantastic team of dental professionals at our Florida Dental Centers office to schedule an appointment today!

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Are You Looking For Removable Implant Supported Dentures In St. Petersburg, FL?

For those that wear dentures, they often complain about them slipping and sliding around. Slippage is a serious issue, which is why a reputable dental office in St. Petersburg, FL is happy to offer implant supported dentures as a treatment for denture slippage.

If a patient is looking for a way to have removable dentures that are still secure enough to not slip, then implant supported dentures are the best option! Here’s why patients should get their own implant supported dentures!


What Are Implant Supported Dentures?

Implant supported dentures are dentures that are secured using implants but are still removable. This helps those who like their dentures but also want to avoid the problems caused by their slippage.

For those who experience slippage for long periods of time, they may start developing damage to their gums in the form of rashes and inflammation. Over time, their dentures will be more and more uncomfortable to wear. Implant supported dentures fix this issue by securing the dentures into one place, preventing them from slipping.

This is a helpful solution for both full and partial dentures. The implants themselves also provide support to the jawbone they are attached to. This helps prevent jawbone decay. If someone goes for too long without dentures and their jawbone decays, dentures will no longer fit the way they used to. That is another reason why implant supported dentures are a fantastic long-term solution.

Benefits of Implant Supported Dentures

Implant supported dentures in St. Petersburg, FL can provide strength and stability to patients’ smiles. But there are a few other benefits to implant supported dentures as well.

With this treatment, patients can entirely eliminate the need for denture adhesive since the implants are holding and supporting the dentures. Dental implants also last a long period of time, decades if properly taken care of. This solution is one that will last for patients and make eating, speaking, and smiling easy for them for years to come.


Getting Your Own Implant Supported Dentures

If you are interested in getting your own implant supported dentures, the process is straightforward. First, you make an appointment with a local dentist you can trust. Next, plan where the dental implants will be placed and how the denture will be fastened. Then, the dental implants will be surgically placed into your mouth.

After surgery, you will be given a temporary denture to help allow for healing. Finally, after the implants have healed, the final denture will be placed. Lucky for those living in or near St. Petersburg, FL, implant supported dentures is a treatment plan that patients can benefit from!

With a team of trusted and experienced doctors, a calm and supportive staff, and the lowest prices in central Florida, you can get your own implant supported dentures quickly and easily. Get in contact with Dr. Keith Hutchinson and our fantastic team of dental professionals at our Florida Dental Centers office to schedule an appointment today!

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What Are Full Mouth Dental Implants?

Experiencing a full arch of missing teeth? There is no doubt that this can affect a person’s smile and even their confidence. Luckily, full mouth dental implants in Clearwater, FL can help correct this issue. Even for patients who are experiencing any bone loss in their mouth, full mouth dental implants can be a long-lasting solution.

A trusted dentist can help patients get a brand-new smile using their advanced technologies and this ground-breaking technique. This dental practice can create a treatment plan specifically for every patient.


What To Expect During Your Visit

A dental professional in Clearwater, FL treats patients in a comprehensive, cutting-edge office with high-quality materials, giving them their best smile yet. The dentist can give each patient an individual consultation and evaluation of their teeth and jaw, creating a customized treatment plan. Next, full mouth dental implants, typically 4-8 implants, will be placed in the most ideal positions for optimal support. Finally, the patients customized, high-quality dental prosthetics can be placed, restoring their smile.

Benefits of Full Mouth Dental Implants

The full mouth dental implant procedure gives valued patients a more functional and aesthetically pleasing smile. This highly advanced procedure offers several other convenient benefits, compared to traditional dental restorations, including:

  • High success rates
  • Preservation of bone structure
  • Cost-effective
  • Preservation of surrounding teeth


Get Your New Smile Now!

Get in contact with Dr. Keith Hutchinson and our team at our Florida Dental Centers office to schedule an appointment today!  We can help you achieve greater oral and overall health with full mouth dental implants.

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What Type Of Dental Services Can I Get In St. Petersburg, FL?

Looking to get teeth whitened? In need of a new set of dentures? This practice has a variety of services for patients to choose from with expert doctors ready to assist in any treatment in St. Petersburg, FL. Here are the treatments patients can find in this office!


If a patient is looking for simple tooth restorations, fillings are a great option. This office offers composite fillings which are made to appear like the color of natural teeth. This is a great option for those who have cavities and are looking to avoid further bone decay.


The step-up from fillings would be dental crowns. Crowns are placed over the top of a healthy tooth structure that has faced a large amount of erosion, cavities, or loss of enamel to protect the tooth’s main structure and roots.


For those whose teeth have decayed to the point where they no longer function, this office offers extraction services. By removing the tooth, patients can avoid the pain or further damage the tooth is causing to their mouth.

Root Canals

Another option before extraction, that may be best for some patients, is a root canal. This is the removal of the nerve from the tooth to negate any pain it may be causing. Root canals can sustain a mostly healthy tooth whilst removing the part that causes the most issues!

Dental Implants

If the tooth is no longer viable, dental implants are a great option to replace the missing tooth or teeth. That is because dental implants act as a stand-in for the missing tooth structure. This means one can avoid jawbone decay, a major problem for those missing teeth.


If a patient needs a full-arch replacement for missing teeth, dentures are a great option. A long-used and strong option, dentures can provide patients with a new set of teeth both functionally and aesthetically. At the St. Petersburg, FL office, a variety of dentures are offered for those looking for the best option for their unique situation.


Moving on to more cosmetics, veneers are a thin layer of porcelain material that can be placed over the top of healthy teeth to provide a natural look. This is also a quicker solution than other options such as orthodontics.

Whitening/Bleaching Options

For those who have healthy teeth that are stained or discolored, whitening may be the best option. This practice’s professional whitening options outcompete over the counter in how long they last and how quickly they can make a difference.


Finally, this practice offers treatment services for gum disease and related gum conditions. Periodontics is the dental term for gums and as such, this practice provides treatment and management for gum disease.

See A Service You Are Looking For In St. Petersburg, FL?

We strive to provide a wide variety of services so that everyone can feel welcome. Get in contact with Dr. Keith Hutchinson and our team at our Florida Dental Centers office to schedule an appointment with us to get the treatment you deserve, today!

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What Does Affordable Dentures Really Mean In Pinellas Park, FL?

Finding a place with affordable dentures can be challenging. Many dentists will have hidden fees or additions that are not calculated into their final price, which can be frustrating to say the least.

At a practice in Pinellas Park, FL, there are options for affordable dentures that have all the costs baked into the final price from the very start. Fees or additions are not hidden, what is seen is what patients get. Here are the types of affordable dentures that are carried in this dental office!


Standard Dentures

The standard dentures are a good solution for a budget-minded patient. The quality is still good, being made out of durable acrylic material. These dentures are also a great option for those who have used dentures for a while and are looking for a new set. With a price point of $849 per arch, these are a lot easier on the wallet than some dentures.

Elite Dentures

Made out of higher-quality acrylic, the elite dentures are a step up from the standard ones. Crafted using more aesthetic materials, this denture is great for people who desire cosmetically pleasing teeth. Elite dentures also come with a longer warranty than the standard dentures, which makes them a great first denture. The price of elite dentures is $1,149 per arch. While they are more costly, they come with notably better results.

Temporary/Immediate Dentures

Sometimes, it can take weeks to get a set of dentures repaired by most facilities. An in-house denture lab removes the time it takes to send dentures away to get them fixed and has it all done in-house. This process can still take some time though which is why temporary/immediate dentures are offered in this office.

They come in slightly higher than their standard and elite counterparts, but you can get immediate dentures made in both. Standard immediate dentures come in at $1,199 per arch. Elite immediate dentures come in at $1,499 per arch. Even though they cost more, you will never have to go without teeth!

Partial Dentures

There are also partial dentures for those only needing to gap a few teeth. These come in standard and elite options to match the materials used above. A big difference between the two though is more reliance on aesthetics.

Standard partial dentures use a metal clasp system to hold onto surrounding teeth and be supported by them. They come in at a price of $1,049. The elite partial dentures use a material known as valplast. This material is a much more aesthetic pinkish material that makes the teeth appear more uniform. These valplast dentures come in at a price of $1,399.


Find Your Affordable Dentures Today!

Whether it is full or partial dentures, immediate or long-term, our office in Pinellas Park, FL has got you covered! With a wide variety of options to choose from, all at different price points to match your budget, we strive to make each denture better than our last.

Get in contact with our doctors in our Florida Dental Centers office in Pinellas Park, FL to schedule an appointment today!

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How Expensive Are Partial Dentures In Pinellas Park, FL?

If you are missing a few teeth but have many remaining healthy teeth, don’t panic! There is a cost-effective solution to your woes, partial dentures. This will allow you to retain your healthy teeth while also replacing the gaps to fill functionality. Here is how partial dentures could save you money in Pinellas Park, Florida.


The Cost Of Most Dentures

Dentures have long been used as a way of replacing missing teeth. That is why the cost of dentures over time has also been creeping down. They have long provided a reliable replacement for teeth that can last for nearly a decade if taken care of properly.

Most places can charge upwards of two thousand dollars for their partial dentures. For us though, we help keep costs down by having in-house manufacturing of our dentures. Whether they are fulls or partials, all dentures are made at our location which means getting them to you at a lower cost and quicker than ever before. That is why we can keep our dentures between $1099 and $1399 for partials.

Why two numbers? We offer two different kinds of partial dentures. The first, costing $1099, is for the more cost-conscious individual. Whilst they are certainly not the prettiest, these partial dentures do restore the functionality of a tooth by using metal clasps that hold onto surrounding teeth.

Our elite partial dentures, costing $1399, are made out of a more aesthetic material known as valplast. These partials are made to blend seamlessly into the rest of your teeth and gumline to provide greater aesthetic quality. The functionality between the two is practically the same with the elites having a slight edge due to the way they are supported.


Improve Your Quality Of Life With Partial Dentures

At the end of the day, partial dentures do a great job of restoring one’s daily life. By filling the gaps in your teeth, you are able to return to eating the foods you enjoy in the past. You can smile without fear of the gaps being stared at. All while also keeping the healthy teeth you do have for years to come.

If you or a loved one is considering partial dentures in Pinellas Park, Florida, come give us a visit. At Florida Dental Centers, we work hard to provide the highest quality care at the most affordable price. With our excellent staff and expertly trained doctors, we want to help make an impact and restore your quality of life.

Consider contacting us to schedule an appointment at our Pinellas Park clinic today. We have facilities all across the Tampa Bay metropolitan area so if one is closer to you, consider giving them a call! All our facilities are ready to make you high-quality partial dentures at a low cost. Make the decision today and start your new journey with partial dentures.

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Getting A Tooth Implant In St Petersburg, FL!

Have you damaged or lost a tooth? Are you looking for a replacement that will last you for years? A single tooth implant is a great way to restore the aesthetic of missing teeth and provide a similar structure. This option promotes overall oral health and stability, more so than other tooth replacement options. If you are looking for reliable and affordable single tooth implants in St. Petersburg, Florida, read on to find out more!


How Single Tooth Implants Support You

When examining options for tooth replacement, such as partial dentures and bridges, they do not compare to a single tooth implant. Whilst they can restore some functionality and aesthetics, neither provide the same strength and stability as dental implants. This is because of how these other devices work versus how dental implants work.

Dental bridges and partial dentures are situated along the top of the gums. Bridges are bound to surrounding healthy teeth where partial dentures use the support of multiple healthy teeth and are removable. Neither of these goes beneath the surface though. This means the jaw bone will slowly decay over time which can cause other teeth to crowd or decay.

A single tooth dental implant fixes this issue though. By being placed into the jaw bone, the post acts like a tooth root preventing decay and surrounding teeth shifting. This stability also means non-restricted diets for those who have them placed. Maintenance of dental implants is also easy with the crown being cleaned like any other tooth in a normal oral hygiene care routine.


Quality Care At The Right Price

The problem many faces with dental implants is their high-cost association. Usually, for a single tooth implant, those costs can be as high as $4,500 or more depending on circumstance. This does not even include consultations, temporary crowns, and other associated costs. This is the best form of care that one can receive for a missing tooth. So what is someone supposed to do?

Well, for anyone near St. Petersburg, Florida, we have a solution. Florida Dental Centers works to drive down costs while providing you the highest quality care possible. That is why we offer our single tooth implants starting at $3,897. This includes the consultation with a periodontist and the costs of placing and manufacturing your implant. We even include a temporary crown in this cost as well. So whilst this may seem like a high cost, the included value is significantly more than others.

Are You Looking For Dental Implants?

We hope you consider Florida Dental Centers in St. Petersburg Florida for your single tooth implant procedure. With qualified and talented doctors and a kind and caring support staff, we strive to provide the best experience out of any dental group in the whole of Florida.


If you would like to schedule an appointment or get more information about how we break down our costs, consider contacting our St. Petersburg location. We have other locations across the entire Tampa Bay metropolitan region as well. Get the treatment you need an affordable price without sacrificing quality.

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