Broken Denture Repair in Bradenton, FL

Broken Denture Repair Bradenton FLIf your denture is broken, you’ll want to have a repair performed as quickly as possible. But, don’t be tempted to buy a do-it-yourself kit, use super-strength glue, or otherwise try to fix it yourself. Instead, turn to the professionals at Florida Dental Centers. With an on-site denture lab at each office, including our Bradenton, FL, location, we stand ready to provide same-day denture repair services – and we’ll do so professionally, quickly, and conveniently.

Accidents happen, and even the best dentures can break. In many cases, a professional repair can save a broken denture, eliminating the cost and inconvenience of replacement. At our own denture lab in Bradenton, FL, Florida Dental Services can fix all types of damage. Whether you’ve noticed a hairline crack or your denture has shattered into two or more pieces, we can help.

The highly skilled dental technicians at Florida Dental Centers have fitted, crafted, and repaired many types of dental appliances. As a result, we have extensive experience and highly refined skills. Some of the broken denture repair and other services we offer include:

  • Crack and break repair
  • Chipped, loose, or missing denture tooth repair or replacement
  • Glue removal (don’t be embarrassed if you’ve tried to glue your denture back together; chances are, we’ve seen the same “fix” attempted before)
  • Metal reinforcement
  • Acrylic gum rebuilding
  • Relining (reshaping a denture to match changes in mouth contours that occur over time)
  • Professional cleaning
  • Denture duplication (if you would like a spare)
  • And more

Regardless of the type of repair service you need, if your denture is damaged, you should see a dentist right away. A dental professional at Florida Dental Centers can evaluate the condition of your denture and recommend an appropriate fix. In many cases, we are able to provide same-day denture repairs.

At Florida Dental Centers, we understand that it can be difficult to be without your dentures – even for a short time – because you rely on them for eating, speaking, and looking your best. Call our office in Bradenton, FL, today to find out about our broken denture repair services. We’ll have you smiling again in no time.