What Does a Dental Crown Procedure Involve?

Dental Crown Procedure Clearwater FLA crown is a fixed dental restoration that covers the visible portion of a damaged tooth. The dentists at Florida Dental Centers in Clearwater, Florida, typically complete a dental crown procedure during two separate visits to our office.

The First Appointment

Usually, a dental crown procedure begins with X-rays of the affected tooth and jawbone, which can reveal signs of deep decay and infection. If the tooth pulp – the soft tissue inside the root canal – is inflamed or infected, endodontic treatment may need to be completed before a crown can be placed.

Next, a dentist will shape the tooth to make room for the crown that will cover it. Using special tools, the dentist will carefully trim the top and sides of the tooth as needed to accommodate the crown. If the tooth is severely decayed or damaged, its structure may be insufficient to support the crown, in which case the dentist may use a filling material to build up and fortify the tooth.

Once the tooth is fully prepared for the crown, the dentist will take an impression of the tooth itself as well as the teeth in the opposing jaw (which will come in contact with the crown during chewing) so that the crown can be precisely crafted to ensure a perfect fit and comfortable bite.

At this point in the dental crown procedure, the dentist will record details for the production of the crown, such as the color of the adjacent teeth, to ensure an aesthetically pleasing result. These details will be sent along with the impressions to our own centralized crown and bridge lab, where the crown will be made.

Finally, the dentist will create and place a temporary crown over the prepared tooth to protect it until the permanent crown is ready (usually within 2 to 3 weeks). The dentist will remove the temporary crown prior to placing the permanent crown during the next appointment.

The Second Appointment

After gently removing the temporary crown, the dentist will evaluate the fit and color of the permanent crown. To ensure an ideal fit, the dentist may remove and adjust the crown several times. When no further adjustments are needed, the dentist will complete the dental crown procedure by cementing the crown in place with a strong dental fixative.

If you have questions or think you might need a dental crown procedure, contact Florida Dental Centers to schedule an appointment with a dentist at our office in Clearwater, FL.