Dental Crowns

A crown is a fixed restoration covering most of the natural tooth.  They are used to cover and encase damaged or severely chipped teeth.  They can also be used to strengthen and enhance smiles.  When an old filling or tooth fractures or cracks, a crown is often the best restorative option.  We offer four different options for crowns.

1. Porcelain crown fused to non precious metal ($749)  [D2751] 

This is our least expensive crown. Almost all crowns have a metal substructure that gives the crown its strength and a porcelain (white) aesthetic covering.  The metal used in this type of crown is a lower quality metal, but it is very strong. If you have skin sensitivity to certain types of jewelry, this
crown may not be the best option for you.
2.  Porcelain crown fused to precious metal ($999)  [D2750]
This crown is a very high-quality crown.  There are several advantages to this type of crown:
(1)  it is more aesthetic
(2)  your gum tissue stays healthier
(3)  it provides a better fit

3. Full gold cast crown ($999)  [D2790]
This is the “gold” standard.  Most dentists will tell you this is what they would use in their own mouth for their back teeth.  Sometimes porcelain crowns are not strong enough for your back teeth.  If so, this is the best option.

4. All porcelain crown ($999)  [D2740]
This is the most aesthetic.  For cosmetic dentistry these are superior.  They are most common for front teeth. Because these crowns are not as strong, they are not appropriate for everyone.


Your dentist can help you determine which crown option is best for you.