We offer  same day repairs and relines as well as many different denture services. Emergency walk-ins are welcome.  Each office has an on site denture lab to allow us faster service on relines and repairing.


Fee schedule

The Standard denture ($849 each) is a very basic denture made for the budget-minded patient.  It is a good quality denture but does have some limitations.  If you are a patient who currently wears dentures without many problems, these may work well for you.  The Standard denture is made of a more affordable acrylic and denture tooth, but they tend not to last as long and are not as strong or cosmetic as our Elite dentures.  Save money on this!

The Elite denture ($1149 each) is made of high quality acrylic and highly cosmetic and stronger teeth.  They also have a long warranty period.  If you have lost your dentures, are currently having lots of trouble with your dentures or simply just want the best we have to offer, then the Elite dentures are for you.  As with anything, it is important to talk to your dentist before making such an important decision.

Advantages of Elite dentures:

1.  Higher quality
2.  More cosmetic
3.  Stronger
4.  More durable
5.  Longer warranty and adjustment period
6.  Name embedded into denture

The Temporary Immediate Denture  offers a package for the person who has teeth and is transitioning into full dentures.  It is available as either the standard ($1199 each) or the elite ($1499 each).  Included in the package are two dentures.   That way you never have to go without teeth.  The first denture is placed when your teeth are extracted.  The second is fabricated 6 months later to achieve the best appearance and fit to your mouth at that time.  Extraction costs to be determined at the consultation appointment.








Dentures created this beautiful smile

Dental implants may be used to “anchor” or stabilize the denture.











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Partial Dentures

Traditional partial dentures have metal clasps along the gum line to attach the denture to the teeth.  They are removable.  We offer Standard partial dentures ($1049) and Elite partial dentures ($1399)

Cast Metal Partial   Valplast Partial

Valplast Partial Dentures ($1399) are available for the person who would like a more aesthetic tooth replacement.  The retention clasps blend in with the gums.

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