Emergency Dental Care Services in Clearwater, FL

Emergency Dental Care Services Clearwater FL

Do you have an urgent dental issue? Florida Dental Centers offers emergency dental care services in Clearwater, Florida. We understand that it isn’t always clear when a dental concern is an emergency. However, if it’s a concern to you, it’s a concern to us. Our team of compassionate dental professionals is available to provide the prompt treatment you need, so if you have a question, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Five Signs That You May Need Emergency Dental Care Services

In general, any situation that could potentially lead to further dental or medical complications is considered a dental emergency. Some common examples include:

  1. A severe toothache – Throbbing tooth pain could be a sign of tooth damage or an infection that requires antibiotic treatment.
  2. Mouth or jaw trauma – Any injury to your mouth or jaw should be evaluated by a dental professional right away.
  3. A knocked-out tooth – If immediately treated by a dentist, a lost tooth may be properly reinserted in its socket and preserved.
  4. Pus – A pimple-like pocket of pus on your gum is a sign of a serious infection (gum abscess) that can potentially spread into your jaw and other areas of your body.
  5. Excessive gum bleeding – If your gums continue to bleed after you’ve applied pressure, you may have advanced gum disease (periodontitis) that requires emergency treatment.

Why an ER Isn’t the Answer for Emergency Dental Care

Most hospital emergency rooms are not equipped to handle dental emergencies. For instance, an ER may not be able to help with an emergency tooth extraction, a chipped tooth, a lost filling or crown, a denture repair, or a root canal. Additionally, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Florida Dental Centers joins with the American Dental Association in urging people to avoid seeking dental treatment at an ER to preserve capacity for COVID-19 patients and other life-threatening health emergencies.

We Can Help With a Dental Emergency

If you have an urgent dental concern, it’s best to discuss it with a dental professional. Contact Florida Dental Centers in Clearwater, FL. We provide emergency dental care services as soon as possible. And even if you aren’t facing a dental issue right now, we encourage you to take a moment and save our contact information. That way, you’ll be prepared if a dental emergency strikes.