Emergency Denture Repair Services in Clearwater, FL

Emergency Denture Repair Clearwater FL

Today’s dentures are nothing like the false teeth your grandparents wore. Made of a high-tech acrylic base and porcelain false teeth, a set of modern dentures can last and serve you well for up to five years—and sometimes even longer.

Although dentures are very strong and designed to withstand the constant rigors of chewing, they are not indestructible. False teeth can crack through a hard impact, such as being dropped onto a tile floor. They can also succumb to the effects of daily wear and tear over time.

Why Do Dentures Need To Be Repaired?

Dentures can break in a few different ways:

  • The pink acrylic base can chip.
  • A tooth can crack, break, or fall out.
  • The entire plate can break in half.

Broken dentures are actually quite common, and if you wear false teeth, you will probably find yourself in need of repair services at some point. Since you likely rely on your dentures for eating and speaking, a broken denture plate could constitute an emergency. Therefore, if your dentures are damaged, you should contact a dentist as soon as possible. Don’t try to glue them back together or otherwise fix them yourself. Denture repair is best left to a professional.

We’ll Restore Your Teeth & Smile as Soon as Possible

Florida Dental Centers offers emergency denture repair services in Clearwater, FL. When you contact us, we’ll ask about your situation and the condition of your dentures, then suggest an appropriate time for you to visit our office. When you come in, an experienced dental professional will evaluate the condition of your dentures and explain what can be done to restore them, if possible. In many cases, we are able to provide same-day denture repairs.