Dentures for Patients in Clearwater, FL

Dentures Clearwater FLDentures are replacements for missing teeth that can be removed whenever a patient pleases. A full set is used to replace all of a patient’s natural teeth, while a partial set is similar to a dental bridge in that it replaces one or a few teeth (but, unlike a bridge, it is not a permanent fixture in the mouth). For dentures and all other aspects of oral health care, patients throughout the Clearwater, Florida, area consistently trust the gentle dentists at Florida Dental Centers. Whatever your dental needs are, we’ll be pleased to explain your options to help keep your smile healthy and bright.

At Florida Dental Centers in Clearwater, FL, we offer a full-service, in-house clinic and laboratory where our dentures are handcrafted on-site. This means that the dentist who attends to you chairside will have full input and access to the denture fabrication process. In this way, we able to provide fast and efficient service and ensure an excellent fit and aesthetic. This applies to denture relines and repairs as well, and in some cases we are able to make adjustments while a patient waits.

With regard to full dentures, there are two general types:

  • Conventional – After all natural teeth are removed, the mouth tissue is allowed time to heal completely before the dentures are fitted and placed.
  • Immediate – Prior to the removal of the natural teeth, a dentist will take measurements and impressions, and then temporary false teeth are fabricated. After the natural teeth are surgically extracted, the dentures are immediately placed in the mouth so that the patient will never be without teeth. As the mouth tissue heals, the temporary set will be tightened and adjusted as needed during follow-up visits until a permanent set can be placed.

Even though dentures are not real teeth, they are delicate and require care, just like natural teeth. This includes brushing to eliminate food particles and plaque prior to removing them. After removal, false teeth should be handled carefully and placed directly into a denture cleaning solution or room-temperature – never hot – water. Whenever dentures feel uncomfortable or loose, a patient should seek assistance from a dentist.

If you’d like to discuss dentures with a dentist, or schedule an appointment for any other reason, contact Florida Dental Centers today. We’ll be happy to address your dental needs at our office in Clearwater, FL.