Partials and Complete Dentures for Patients in the Dunedin, FL, Area

Partials Dunedin FLPartials and full dentures are available for patients near Dunedin, Florida, from the gentle dentists at Florida Dental Centers. Dentures are designed to closely resemble natural missing teeth and surrounding tissue, and can even enhance a patient’s smile. There are two types: complete dentures and partials. Complete dentures are used when all of a patient’s natural teeth are missing, while a partial can be suitable for replacing one or more missing teeth when there are some natural teeth remaining. In addition to filling the spaces left by missing teeth, a partial can effectively prevent the remaining natural teeth from shifting out of place.

Even though dentures and partials are not real teeth, you need to care for them as if they are. Your dentist at Florida Dental Centers near Dunedin, FL, will provide detailed instructions on proper care, which includes:

  • Brushing to remove food particles and plaque prior to removal
  • Placing the partial directly into a denture cleaning solution or room-temperature water after removal (hot water should never be used because it can warp partials)
  • Exercising care when handling so that you don’t drop them (partials are delicate and can break)
  • Seeing a dental professional promptly for adjustments if the denture seems loose or feels uncomfortable

While it is always important to replace missing teeth, partials offer added benefits. Replacement teeth can help fill out your mouth and restore your smile by supporting your cheeks and lips. This can not only provide a more youthful and appealing appearance, but also can help you chew, swallow, and speak.

Tooth loss needn’t prevent you from having a beautiful smile or leading a healthy and happy life. To learn more about partials, full dentures, or any other form of dental treatment, contact Florida Dental Centers today to schedule an appointment at our office near Dunedin, FL.