Partials and Full Dentures for Patients in St. Petersburg, FL

Partials St. Petersburg FLPartials and full dentures are available to patients in St. Petersburg, Florida, from the trusted dental team at Florida Dental Centers. If you’ve lost some or all of your natural teeth due to injury, tooth decay, or gum disease, you’re likely aware of the many aspects of their importance. For instance, among other things, your teeth help you to eat and speak, and also improve your appearance and smile. Customized partials and dentures are good options for replacing teeth, restoring your way of life, and enhancing your confidence.

As your dentist at Florida Dental Centers can explain more fully during a consultation appointment in St. Petersburg, FL, a denture is an acrylic resin device that is designed to replace both missing teeth and adjacent tissue. While candidates for full dentures have usually lost most or all of their teeth, partials can be suitable for individuals who have some natural teeth remaining.

There are two main types of partials:

  • Fixed – Also known as dental implant bridges, fixed partials attach directly to the jaw with dental crowns, or under the gum tissue with dental implants.
  • Removable – Sometimes called a removable dental bridge, a removable partial fills a gap between two natural teeth with replacement teeth attached to a gum-colored base that is held in place by a metal framework and can be removed for daily cleaning.

Both fixed and removable partials offer several benefits. In addition to maintaining the shape of your face and making it easier to speak and chew, a partial denture can decrease your risk of developing periodontal disease, prevent your remaining teeth from shifting around in your mouth, and ease the pressures exerted on your jaw. Your dentist at Florida Dental Centers can help you choose the type of partial that is best for you based on the health of your remaining natural teeth and other factors.

At Florida Dental Centers in St. Petersburg, FL, we’re committed to changing lives, one smile at a time. To learn more about partials, full dentures, or any other aspect of dentistry, contact us today to schedule an appointment.