Same Day Denture Relines and Repairs for Patients in Bradenton, FL

Same Day Denture Relines and Repairs Bradenton FLSame day denture relines and repairs are available at Florida Dental Centers in Bradenton, FL. Just like natural teeth, dentures require constant care in the form of excellent home habits and regular professional checkups. Because the contours of the mouth naturally shift and change over time, it is essential for a dentist to continually monitor the fit of a denture to ensure optimal function and appearance. A dentist can recognize the need for denture adjustment and recommend appropriate relines and repairs.

While most patients agree that denture adjustments are important, some may hesitate for one simple reason: The prospect of making do with an ill-fitting denture might seem preferable to the alternative of going without teeth for several days or weeks. The dental professionals at Florida Dental Centers in Bradenton, FL, can help patients avoid this dilemma. We make it easy by performing same day relines and repairs at our on-site denture lab. By eliminating the involvement of outside commercial labs, we are able to closely oversee and expedite the process, as well as keep costs down for our patients.

Depending on a patient’s specific needs, a dentist at Florida Dental Centers might recommend a hard reline, which essentially involves:

  • Creating an impression of the patient’s mouth
  • Replacing the inner palate portion of the denture with new acrylic that conforms to the current contours of the patient’s mouth
  • Repeating the process as needed, generally once every two years

Over time, cumulative wear and tear can take a toll on a denture and alter its fit. While dental adhesives can be helpful for keeping well-fitting dentures in place, they should not be used as an alternative to periodic denture relining performed by a dental professional.

If you’d like to have the fit of your dentures professionally checked and fine-tuned, please contact Florida Dental Centers in Bradenton, Florida, where you can benefit from our same day denture relines and repairs.