Same-Day Denture Repairs at Florida Dental Centers in Clearwater, FL

Same-Day Denture Repairs Clearwater FLAt Florida Dental Centers, we know that a broken denture (prosthesis fracture) can have a significant impact on a denture wearer’s life, sometimes making it impossible to eat, speak, or smile. Unfortunately, broken dentures are very common. To help our patients resume their daily activities as quickly as possible, we’ve established an on-site denture repair lab at each of our locations, including our office in Clearwater, FL. In many cases, we are able to perform same-day denture repairs.

Why do dentures break?

Dentures are designed to be strong, but they are not indestructible, nor are they as strong as natural teeth. For instance, same-day denture repairs are often needed to address:

  • Daily wear and tear – Stress from years of chewing, food and drink temperature variations, acidic foods, and even natural mouth moisture can wear down a denture over time.
  • Facial structure changes due to progressive bone loss – If a denture does not fit properly, it can move around in the mouth, and this instability can create points of weakness that ultimately lead to cracking.
  • Accidents – Every time a denture is removed from the mouth, there is a risk that it could be dropped, “stolen” by a curious pet, or misplaced. A denture can also be damaged through direct trauma to the mouth.

How can I tell if my denture is broken?

Sometimes, a broken denture is not readily apparent. We encourage you to see a dentist at Florida Dental Centers if:

  • Your denture pinches, hurts, or otherwise causes discomfort when you wear it
  • Your denture slides out of place inside your mouth
  • Your teeth appear to be misaligned
  • A piece of your denture is loose

If your denture breaks, contact Florida Dental Centers right away. Proper denture repair requires expert knowledge and skills as well as specific materials. That’s why we advise against using a “do-it-yourself denture repair kit.” Plus, there’s no reason to – we perform same-day denture repairs at our office in Clearwater, FL.