Same-Day Denture Repairs Performed by the Dental Professionals at Florida Dental Centers in Pinellas Park, FL

Same-Day Denture Repairs Pinellas Park FLIf you’re a denture wearer, you’ll probably agree that your dentures are an essential part of your daily life. You need them to eat and speak, and they also play a key role in your appearance and self-confidence.

Designed to be sturdy and long-lasting, dentures are made of acrylic resin, a time-tested material that is strong, comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and repairable. Over time, however, dentures can sustain a significant amount of stress, and unlike natural teeth, they aren’t intended to last forever.

Dentures can become damaged from sudden trauma, such as biting down on a hard object, or gradual wear and tear. Either way, a prompt and professional repair is essential to help prevent injuries and avoid causing further damage to the denture. At Florida Dental Centers in Pinellas Park, FL, same-day denture repairs are often possible through our on-site lab.

When to seek same-day denture repairs

Sometimes, a denture will visibly crack or break, or a tooth may loosen or fall out. But, the need for an adjustment or repair may not always be this obvious. For instance, you are encouraged to talk with a dental professional or seek same-day denture repairs if:

  • The fit of your denture changes
  • You have difficulty chewing
  • You experience speech pattern changes (e.g., slurring, lisping, excessive salivation)
  • You develop pressure sores in your mouth
  • Your gums become irritated
  • The appearance of your cheeks or jawline changes
  • Your denture feels uncomfortable in your mouth
  • Your denture becomes discolored or odorous

If left unaddressed, the damage to your denture can potentially worsen. Over time, this can lead to a need for more extensive – and costlier – repairs.

There’s no need to wait to address a problem with your dentures, or worse yet, try to fix them yourself. Instead, contact Florida Dental Centers in Pinellas Park, FL, where we can perform same-day denture repairs. We can restore your denture to a functional state and explain how to help prevent further breakage. Or, if necessary, we can create a new denture for you.