Professional Same-Day Denture Repairs Performed in St. Petersburg, FL

Same-Day Denture Repairs St. Petersburg FLSame-day denture repairs are important not only to avoid further damage to the appliance, but also to prevent mouth injuries. In many cases, the dental professionals at Florida Dental Centers in St. Petersburg, Florida, can restore a damaged denture to a like-new condition. In our on-site denture repair lab, we professionally reconstruct cracked and broken dentures using durable acrylic resin materials.

Why do dentures need to be repaired?

Improperly fitting dentures can become damaged over time. As part of the natural aging process, the structure of the mouth can change, and this can alter the fit of a denture. Gum ridges can shrink, causing a denture to loosen. Bone mass can decrease, shifting the upper and lower jaws out of alignment. If the upper and lower teeth do not line up properly, the forces that result from chewing and biting will be unevenly distributed on the mouth and denture. In addition to mouth pain and sores, this can lead to the formation of microfractures in a denture that gradually develop into cracks. For these reasons, it’s important to see a dentist regularly to have a denture adjusted.

A denture can also become damaged from:

  • Normal wear and tear
  • Biting into hard food
  • Being dropped onto a hard surface
  • Being appropriated by a curious pet

Can a denture be repaired with glue?

A common misconception is that dental professionals repair broken dentures with glue. A denture should never be repaired with any type of glue or cement – not even on a temporary basis. Here’s why: Most dentures are made of acrylic and metal, and neither of these materials can form a strong bond with glue. Glue can also distort the edges of a fracture, making a proper repair more difficult. Additionally, some glues contain chemicals that can potentially cause gum inflammation. And finally, many types of glue are water-soluble, and therefore will be dissolved by saliva in the mouth.

Instead of glue, the same materials used to fabricate a denture – acrylic resin – should be used to repair a denture. This is the best way to ensure a long-lasting and undetectable repair.

At Florida Dental Centers, same-day denture repairs are often possible. If your denture is damaged or broken, come to our office in St. Petersburg, FL, for a prompt and proper repair.