Living With Dentures? Here Are Some Tips From Trusted Dentists in Clearwater, FL

Tips for Living With Dentures Clearwater FLDentures are removable false teeth that can enhance your ability to eat and speak – as well as your appearance – after you lose multiple teeth. Worn comfortably and confidently by millions of people, dentures can be a very effective solution for replacing missing teeth, but they also can take some getting used to. To ease your transition, the dentists at Florida Dental Centers in Clearwater, Florida, offer these helpful tips for living with dentures:

Never Allow Your Dentures to Dry Out

Much like your natural teeth, your dentures must be kept moist; otherwise, they can become brittle, crack, or lose their shape. Whenever your dentures are not in your mouth, you should store them in a special case filled with a denture-soaking solution, or in a glass of cool (never hot) water. Your dentures are a significant investment, and with proper care, they can last a very long time. Don’t make the costly – and easily avoidable – mistake of letting them dry out.

Brush Twice a Day

As part of your oral hygiene routine, you should use a soft toothbrush to clean both your natural teeth and your dentures twice daily. This is the best way to prevent the buildup of plaque and odor-causing bacteria. After you brush, be sure to rinse your dentures thoroughly to remove any remaining food particles, which can cause staining.

Brush Your Gums

Whenever you brush your natural teeth and dentures, be sure to gently brush your gums as well. This will help remove plaque, bacteria, and food particles from your gum line. Additionally, the toothbrush bristles will stimulate your gums and help keep them healthy.

Practice Speaking With Your Dentures

Initially, the muscles in your mouth will need to adjust to accommodate your new dentures, and this may interfere with your ability to speak. Many new denture-wearers find it helpful to read aloud and repeat any words that are difficult to pronounce. With practice and time, your mouth will adapt and you should have no problem speaking with your dentures.

Learn How to Correct a Slippage

Sometimes, dentures can slip during an abrupt movement, such as a laugh, cough, or sneeze. To subtly address a slippage, try gently biting down and swallowing. If you frequently experience slippages, your dentist may need to adjust your dentures to ensure a proper fit, and you may even be a candidate for dental implants to help your dentures stay in better.

At Florida Dental Centers, we are committed to restoring our patients’ smiles after they lose multiple teeth. To find out if you are a candidate for dentures, schedule an appointment with one of our dentists in Clearwater, FL.