If You Have a Toothache, Turn to Florida Dental Centers in Clearwater, FL — We Can Help You Find Fast Relief

Toothache Clearwater FLA toothache is an unpleasant experience that can disrupt your life and interfere with your ability to focus. Whether it’s a dull, throbbing ache or a sharp, sudden pain, a toothache is a signal that something is wrong. Therefore, it’s best to see a dentist as soon as possible.

If you’re experiencing tooth pain, the dentists at Florida Dental Centers in Clearwater, FL, can help you. We can determine the cause of your discomfort and provide appropriate treatment to help you feel better fast. We can also provide comprehensive preventive care to help you avoid toothaches in the future.

A toothache can have many causes. For instance, the pain may be associated with:

  • Tooth decay — When a cavity forms near the nerve of a tooth, the nerve may respond by sending pain signals into the jaw. Additionally, tooth decay can result in a toothache if bacteria from the cavity infects the nerve of the tooth and creates an abscess in the jawbone.
  • Periodontal disease — An infection can cause the teeth to loosen in the gums, sometimes to the point that they begin to ache. Gum disease can also produce swelling and pressure that causes soreness in the jaw.
  • A fractured tooth — The ongoing wear and tear caused by daily chewing can lead to the development of small cracks in the teeth that gradually grow larger over time. Eventually, a crack may irritate the nerve of a tooth, resulting in a toothache. This is especially common in molars that have large fillings.
  • Trauma — Teeth grinding, jaw clenching, or a direct blow to the jaw can produce painful swelling and inflammation around a tooth.

Additionally, some unrelated medical conditions that may require treatment can produce symptoms that mimic a toothache. These include sinus infections and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) syndrome. This further underscores the importance of promptly seeing a dentist to find out what’s causing a toothache.

Until you have an opportunity see a dentist, there are some steps you can take to relieve a toothache. The dentists at Florida Dental Centers in Clearwater suggest rinsing your mouth with warm water, flossing to remove food particles that could be lodged between your teeth and causing irritation, and taking an over-the-counter pain reliever (be sure to follow the instructions on the label).

If you have a toothache, don’t wait. Contact Florida Dental Centers today, or stop by our office in Clearwater, FL. We welcome emergency walk-in patients or, if you prefer, we’ll be happy to schedule an appointment for you.