Types of Dental Crowns Available in Clearwater, FL

Types of Dental Crowns Clearwater FLA crown is a dental restoration device that completely encases the visible portion of a damaged tooth, restoring the appearance of the tooth to its original shape, size, and color. There are several types of dental crowns, each of which is bonded to the tooth with a strong dental cement.

Crowns are very common and can serve several purposes, such as strengthening a tooth that holds a very large filling, reinforcing a broken tooth, anchoring a dental bridge, improving the appearance of a chipped or discolored tooth, or covering a dental implant.

Custom-Crafted Crowns in Clearwater

At Florida Dental Centers, we have a centralized crown and bridge lab in Clearwater, Florida, where we create the following types of dental crowns:

  • Gold cast – An exceptionally strong restoration with a metallic color, a gold-cast crown may be a good choice for an out-of-sight molar.
  • White porcelain fused to non-precious metal – This strong and affordable crown can be color-matched to the adjacent teeth.
  • White porcelain fused to precious metal – This type of crown is both very strong and aesthetically pleasing.
  • All porcelain – Because this type of restoration is not supported by a metal substructure, the best possible color match can be achieved, but the trade-off is reduced strength. An all-porcelain crown may be a good option for a highly visible front tooth.

Before cementing any type of crown in place, a dentist will carefully shape the natural tooth to achieve the best possible fit. If a relatively large portion of the tooth is missing, decayed, or damaged, the dentist might build a foundation to help support the crown.

How Long Does a Crown Last?

In general, a dental crown can be expected to last approximately seven years, but some crowns last much longer. On the other hand, if decay develops underneath a crown, the crown will need to be removed by a dentist so that the decay can be treated. After treatment is complete, a new crown will need to be created and placed. Good oral hygiene, including regular brushing, flossing, checkups, and professional cleanings, can help extend the life of any dental restoration.

To learn more about the different types of dental crowns, contact Florida Dental Centers. Since 1981, we have been proudly serving patients in Clearwater, FL, and surrounding communities.